The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


I will probably be away for a while. I was attacked and robbed last night. My money, laptop, phones, tablet, wallet and other stuff, all gone. Not a good start to the weekend.


I discovered Wattpad back in the day when it was riddled with 1D fan fiction, you had to be a masochist to write original fiction here and the community forums were barely usable.

I quit in frustration for a long time but decided to come back for NaNoWriMo18.

The fan fiction has died back a bit now, but you’ll still struggle to find an audience here writing mature genre fiction that’s not bad boy / good girl romance. Wattpad is still the best place to find an audience though. It’s pretty must wiped all other competition off the map. It will be interesting if that still holds true if it goes pay-per-view or whether sites like Inkitt will start clawing back some market share.


Ohh no Orrie. That’s just dreadful. So, so sorry for anyone having such a terrible experience. Can only imagine what it does for your belief in human nature… how vulnerable you must be feeling.
Please take the very best care of yourself as you nurse your physical [?] and emotional wounds. Take as long as you need, but do keep popping in here - at least to cheer yourself up with our shenanigans. And to write… and write… to ease your pain with that particular distraction only your muse can offer.
We’ll be waiting for you - whenever you’re ready. And don’t forget how many people care… OK?


I’m one of a large group of writers who moved from another writing platform when Amazon pulled the rug out from under us. Many milled around rather like a swarm of bees, seeking a new home, and tested the waters in many different spots. The majority settled on Wattpad where some had already been members for some time.
This idea of a weekly prompt was well ingrained in our writing patterns, kindly continued by a few brave souls, and now being followed by an increasing number of newbies.
If you want to get an inkling of what a broad spectrum of writers were in our original group - look here -
On a personal level, I started submitting my first story to publishers back in 1970’s - couldn’t handle the rejections, shelved my writing efforts for 30+ years and then crept back into a couple of writing platforms, slowly found my writing ‘voice’ and just developed along.
Fame and fortune seem an unlikely outcome, but I’m having the time of my life, plus my writing has taken me through some hefty emotional and physical happenings - so that is the best kind of ‘rich’ I can imagine.
Love it… and especially the wonderful folk I’ve met.
Writers are pretty special folk.
Betcha glad you asked??


I didn’t realise there was a WriteOn refugees group. I used to be on there as well. Unfortunately they pulled the plug before I got the chance to save any of my 500 words Weekend Write In entries. I didn’t have them anywhere else. :persevere: There was one I wrote from the POV of Lewis Powell, one of the Lincoln conspirators, that I really wish I had kept.


Ohh Trudi… how sad. I was there every few days, messing about/admiring my own work/gasping at the prowess of others/learning… always learning. So I had plenty of warning and time to get copies of all my works there. SO thankful for that. Quite a few have been recycled for new and improved versions [or so I like to tell myself…the improvement bit, that is!?!]
I have a list of all the 2016 prompts and last four of 2017 before they closed up shop.
Don’t suppose any would help you remember/be challenged again/provide inspiration?
Tell me if you’d like me to inbox them to you.


I remember which challenge I wrote the Lewis Powell letter for. The word was ‘metal’. Maybe I’ll find that voice again at some point. I just wish I had a copy of the original. I have a feeling I wrote it on my old laptop, which is as dead as a door nail.


@Orumeena - Very sorry to hear about that! Must be a shock to the system - hope to see you back and getting poetic with us, soon!

I’m a WriteOn refugee too. Started the writing prompt in August 2015 after advice on the forums, and haven’t looked back since! I must have written close to a million words just on prompt stories since! (I would often do multiples) And I’ve made a fair few friends. :slight_smile:


The real question is: are you alright?


One of the Refugees as well. Mind you, my writing life started by doing editing and writing for a British TTRPG magazine, as well as a war gaming ‘zine.


Like many others here, I had been active on WriteOn when Amazon announced shutting down that site. I began a discussion in the Forums there, recruiting assistance in investigating other writing sites. Together, we set-up accounts on well over a dozen sites to trial and report.

I had earlier set up an account on Wattpad, but like many mature writers, I had been scared away by the predominant young teen and FanFic atmosphere. When I looked again two years ago, I saw more than just the giggling teenyboppers, so I dug deeper, and the result is our profile and the continuation of the Weekend WriteIn tradition.


That last message was not supposed to be a reply to you.

I was so disturbed about hearing of your attack that I clicked the button without finishing what I was doing.

I realize this is now nine hours later but I hope you swing by to collect condolences.


We have a new story by Jimt (Oosomatsu), “Go Away, There’s No Frijoles”, and you can read it Here.


Wait; didn’t anyone else wonder at the seven times @mediocrebrit did a search in order to see the results (2,3,4,2,5,2,4) ??

What’s the story behind THAT?




I am not sure why mine won’t show up. I tagged it correctly. This is frustrating. Can I kick this thing and make it work properly?

I am editing this to say I just went and deleted the tags I had and added them over again. Lets see. Third times a charm, right?


I realize I do not know you well, but I am sorry to hear what happened.


In the good ol’ days they would show up in minutes, then for the past few weeks it’s been more like TWO WEEKS to show up. Until this weekend when they seem to be showing within an hour or two.Just have you imaginary friend post a link to the story here so we can find it :slight_smile:


Luckily I posted it on the first day, so I am in the clear there. I just wish this slow friend here would do what it is supposed to do.


Oh, you mean the “wonderful” one! Yes, you were way early, and the tags are correct. We have no idea why WP sometimes decided to ignore some stories. Even when it’s working well, we’ll have one or two that take a week to show up.