The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


WOOOO! I think they all just showed up. 10 stories there now.


I finally showed up!!

I’ll give old Wattpad a pat on the back.


After a few weeks of absence, I have returned :slight_smile: And to see that the tags are working? That’s amazing!
I have added my little thing about waiting for a bus to arrive. Hopefully it will show up! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone. Hark! Doth mine eyes deceive me? The stories are now showing up? HURRAH!!

Just in case, however, Scribbler’s effort for 1st Feb prompt is here - yes it just arrived in my inbox. And would you believe it, she managed to go only 45 words over this week! Now that’s an achievement for her. Hope you enjoy it…‘arrive’


Quick note: I glimpsed not only some wonderful stories to bury myself in later but also some fascinating facts about WriteOn and Wattpad’s forum WriteOnWriters. I will be back to read all (hopefully later today) but I have a few things need doing first.

What an amazing group of people you all are! I am so happy to be part of this community x


Marigold’s Story, “The Long Wait”, is not yet on the search results.
Elfie’s has been posted, too. The link for hers is just above me a bit.

I am only seeing eight on the search list right now. So I don’t think we have quite ‘arrived’ yet.

(did you see what I did there?)


@decafs What is my Wattpad story? I came to it the traditional way for men of my generation.
I was told to get my butt over here, so I did.

Think of it as analogous to the migration of swans and geese.
When one swamp is no longer habitable, we moved to another.
The swans (and a few geese) were familiar with this swamp
and recommended we all plop down here.
A few had found another pond. Pristine, pure, and stimulating
but the pond owner passed away.
Some of us just flew in circles.

I think we were afraid of the noise in this swamp.

But then, above the croaking, and tweeting, and
the general cacophony that is wattpad, a clear
voice (with a mild south-London accent) floated up;
“The prompt for this weekend is…”

and just like that, a little corner of the swamp became home.


This is the best post i’ve seen in a while :joy:


Awesome! This should be framed!


I’m flattered that you think South London would ever issue a visitors’ visa to me, an East Londoner.


OMG! I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you. I hope the police can catch the crooks and hopefully be able to return your items.


Even ugly ducklings from the nether regions gathered their accumulated wisdom - across the ponds of Life itself.
“A larrikin quacker?” some asked [hopeful they were mistaken! Alas…no]
First it was the littlebrit with his irresistible challenges, then TWoogle beckoned when all else failed. Wot a coupla gems!
Nothing like feathered friends - except if they’re furries instead.
[Oops, sorry fellows, just lost my heart. It’s Furries Forever at my place!]


@cdcraftee …well, I have often been accused of being furry but seldom feathery.
As in “you are getting a little furry, time to go see John…”
(John is my eighty-year-old barber.)

and I think you left out an “r” in gems.


Aw, thank you, goldie,


you may frame it if you wish…
just spell my name right.


@mediocrebrit - my apologies. I would not have taken you for an eastender.


I’m not too bad physically. Just a few cuts and bruises.
And to everyone here, thanks so so much for the kind words.


Trying to get my E London friends to visit me in darkest S London has proven an impossible task over the years. They all seem convinced my neck of the woods will be stuffed with banjo playing rednecks.


That may be what they tell you, but the truth is we are taught in infant school never to venture into hoity-toity land, where everyone is better than us. Now you’ve got me questioning the whole education system.


LOL! There was a riot on my street last year and I live on the edge of Dulwich. If it’s hoity-toity land then it has a dash of V for Vendetta too.