The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


So … no obligations to read my multi earth superhero story, especially as I’m only loosely connecting follow up parts to the prompt and going WAY over wording. Last week I did the double - two parts, same prompt. This week I may do the triple or even quadruple as I cover the year 1941 in that strange alter earth that Father Time and the Marvel heroes first encounter, in the closing days of 1943!

Any reads, votes, comments are appreciated, but I know a story like this, that strays from the path of the weekend challenge, is a hard sell, soooo … I adopt the old adage about writing for myself. But always a nice byproduct when it entertains others too!


Villains prowling through real life… I hope there are heroes aplenty to take down that miserable bunch.
Even more, I hope you rally and recover, physically and emotionally. Take care!


A writer friend told me about the now-defunct Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition back in 2013. I entered Hero’s Shield, which survived the first few eliminations and gained me a review from Publishers Weekly before it fell out of the running. I submitted another novel in 2014, which turned out to be their last year to run the competition. (That submission flopped in the first round.)

Then Amazon sent me an invitation to try out WriteOn. (as consolation for pulling the plug on ABNA? shouldn’t’a been so surprised when they did the same thing later to WO… )

Flash fiction is so much more gratifying to write since I can wrap myself around the whole story in only an hour or two. I was exhausted from trying to write novels!

And the WriteOn community became a wonderful group of friends. So I followed them over here to Wattpad when this settled out as the least woeful replacement for good old WO.

And now… the group of friends grows ever richer!


13 stories showing up. It’s like the old days! Including a new entry from the long missing and missed Kate:


Well, I can only see ten stories on the search but Kate McGinn’s is one of them.
You can find her story, “Life Changing”, at this link.
Another person we haven’t heard from in a while is Ram! His story is “A Better Tonight for a Better Tomorrow.”
Good to see you back, @rsramanujam.
Tyra Pendragon weighs in with “Arrival”.

I haven’t found any others yet but I’ll let you know if I do…



Just in case anyone’s interested, my alternate superhero earth story continues with the second of two major attacks the heroes of the ‘Fox’ universe endure during the year 1941.

This is seen from the POV of the swashbuckling Green Mask, a member of the Mystery Men.

I’m also doing a bit of an iconic archetype analogy with these heroes.

You’re welcome to guess in the comments and to start you off …

Green Mask = lighter hearted swashbuckling Batman.'s-finest-1941-alt


The 500 word weekend write-in prompt for Feb 8 2019 is now available:

[The 500 Word Weekend Write-In]

500 words, with a new prompt every Friday. Everybody is welcome!


What motive for a midnight visit? Check out this latest retold folktale:


So sorry I’m only seeing this now- hope you are recovering. xx


Write On refugee - but didn’t write flash there- found this in 2017 and its been such a good writing experinece, learning much and a great writing habittoo. Although I always lag at the back of the group
My arrive story is on the #list The Vote Stands


I’m sorry this happened–take good care. x0


I joined WriteOn a few months before they shut down and followed them over here. My husband and I are traveling quite a bit right now, so I don’t write as many short stories, but I try to read them all. I’m also working on a novel length, which takes a lot of my time. I wish I could write as fast as some of you! I love this group of fantastic writers!


Hey, my friend has continued his story about Jean. Why did she talk to her friend Stone? Read “Ulterior”


Revisiting the dark recesses that remain of a perp’s habitat this week. Some felons should be more selective about what they think they want.

The Last Bite


Well, it didn’t last. Last week we all came up in good order. This week, I can only see two people, and they are never the same person when I look again.

So: Classical Performance


Yours showed up almost immediately yesterday and was the only one I saw (except there was a vertical scroll bar, implying there was more than one). Today I see two, neither of which is yours. But we’ve seen that before where they show and disappear for a while before it settles down. So, I’m guessing by the end of the day we might be seeing three or more. Nowhere near ‘fixed’, but way better than the two week wait.


Definitely better, but not as good as it was. Still, “Whatever does not kill us, makes us stronger!”


A quick diversion from my alt earth story.'s-my-motivation


I forgot to post my story and the tag didn’t take either. Here it is.’s-all-in


Ahhh, crap.

Ya think the problem is fixed and you try to sneak in a brief vacation and the system turns to gooseberries!

So this morning the search engine cheerfully tells me that my search returned six stories; and displays only five! Rinse, repeat. Yup; five.

So I can see Joyce, John, Chrissie, Tyra, and the new girl; Shiney or Mandy. Have we decided on a nickname for her yet?

I do not see JG, Decaf, or Jenni.

You can find Jenni Clarke’s “Like Sheep” HERE;
Jason’s story is “What’s My Motivation?”;
and Decaf published “Ulterior” in her Earthworks volume.
Note to @decafs, you need to attach the tags “#weekendwritein” and “#motive” to your earthworks volume if you want your weekend stories to be found by the search engine.

So that is all I have found so far. If you have published a “Motive” story and are not listed here, speak up. Add a line here or send me a note.

“Well, Tom, where is yours?” Glad you asked. It’s not ready yet. Hanging around 800 words. Gotta cut the fluff. And I still have to read all of these stories I just listed. {Sigh}. Don’t know where the time goes.