The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


I currently see ‘8’, with 7 showing. Amongst them is not mine. And yes, skeptical spellcheck person in my computer, amongst is a word.


‘Amongst’ may be a word but your sentence structure is wonky. You sound like Yoda. Ya coulda just said “and mine ain’t there!”

For those skeptical of his claims, mB’s story, “A Pack of Lies”, can be found HERE.


A popular hobby in our household is calling ‘Yoda’ on each other when wrong the sentence sounds.


Please don’t interrupt me. I am trying to draft a comment to your excellent story.


… and a fine story it is, too.
I am curious how you got nineteen reads when you are not posted in the search result?? Are those all from your cousins or did you have to pay for some of them?


Some of us occasionally get notifications from others.


Do not let Microsoft get away with it! Any spellchecker that does not recognise ‘Cthulhu’ or ‘fhtagn’ or that complains about ‘ise’ vs ‘ize’ is unfit for purpose.


I have to admit I might have sided with spellchecker on a couple of those.


I joined rent-a-friend in 1965. It was a life changer. An expensive one.

And just who said you could go on another vacation! This has to stop!

Oh, and I just got a new follow from you! I wonder if they have started disappearing too.


Just submitted a report to support about lack of notifications.
We’ll see if that goes anywhere.


Well I think the bigger issue is why you had to resubmit a follow. I doubt it would have let you do that unless the original follow had gotten lost.


oh, that is not the issue. I un-followed and then re-followed you to try to re-start the notification process.
I am not seeing anything on notifications or newsfeed on some of the longtime users I follow, but get almost daily updates on others.




Hi, it looks to me like that I had added “weekendwritein” and “motive” to my story. On My Profile page the highest ranking result I have for “Earthworks” actually is “weekendwritein,” so I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I did two separate searches on both words and it came up with my story “Earthworks” both times.


Let me introduce you to the ‘learn’ button on the spellchecker.

I taught my spellchecker to recognise “Cthulhu” years ago. Never know when you might want to use it in a sentence.


Exactly! Control your spellchecker, not the other way around!


Would it be wrong for me to build a series based of the words? I feel like it might be cheating to tag it as weekend write in and with other tags and turn it into a series…


Quite a few of the contributors here make a book out of the tags, one chapter at a time. Some make it into a novel, some a compendium of short stories with or without a theme. We don’t have any rules for the Weekend Write in (other than ‘be nice’) so there is no ‘wrong’ :slight_smile: Looking forward to your story!


And don’t forget to write! :smiley:


@decafs Yes, I see it now. Not sure what happened before.