The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


You’ve got chitterlings in your entrails?
Ewww, Neddy. Sounds ugly.


I came up with another 500-word one called “Stoppage” for my ongoing story “Earthworks Punk.”

To refresh you memories, this takes place in 1725 where the Native people of the Americas developed superior steampunk-like technology, and began attacking Europeans, including an invasion of Rome.

Jean, the protagonist, had been one of the key inventors for the leading Indian tribe, the Irenshoa. Then Jean was handed over as a slave to a Roman woman named Verda. Last we heard, Jean decided to finally assert herself, and pledged to not assist any faction between the Romans and Native people.

The story can be found here: Stoppage

Warning: This chapter is somewhat brutal in its depiction of physical violence. Now that Jean is a slave who refuses to work more than absolutely necessary, and then incompetently, I thought it necessary to show the likely consequences. (I’ve been avoiding this one.) Sorry, no new cool tech in this chapter.


I couldn’t end on such a downer as physical violence, so here’s the next part, a bit less severe:



[] Here is my story for prompt #stop. I’m sorry about the 200 words overage but I have already cut 500! I hope you find them worthwhile.


Actually, I use Duck Duck Go. Better privacy for when I’m doing my … research! Yeah. Research … .


Better that than my entrails in some chitterlings.


Anyone know how to get on the community pages from their phone? I can only access these pages on my computer.


I was a little late with last weeks prompt but it was done on Tuesday. It’s here Tomorrow if anyone wants to try that one out.

I got one done for this week as well and it’s here Unidentified Man.


Well, I posted mine early for once and it has been a full day and still not on the search results.

So here it is: “The Contract”
It is a followup to the “Tomorrow App”.


@JenniClarke7 has posted her ‘Tomorrow’ story.
She has titled it “Old Enough”.


Uh, Alien, ( @Aliens8407) you are going to need to fix your link to “Tomorrow”.
It brings us back here to Today.


What goes on in this Thread? I’m trying to find out where I belong in this Community, but it;s hard finding my way around things…


This is a short-story/drabble challenge thread :slight_smile: Basically, people determined to write at least 500 word every day (based on a prompt) will meet here and discuss their latest drabble.

*Pretty sure I summarize it correct, but ask the veterans for confirmation.


Well, not exactly. We do one story a week.
The challenge prompt is issued on a Friday and we spend our weekend discussing it.
Not sure about the drabble part.


@0osomatsu has posted “The Masculinity Mistake” which may not relate to all of our constituency but sounded familiar to me. Give it a try.


Hello Ramenia, welcome to the group. We post a new prompt every Friday (this week the prompt is “stop”) and our paticipants write a short story based on that prompt. It is supposed to be around 500 words, but there are no rules. The best place to start is here: The 500 Word Weekend Write-In . read the first post which explains everything, then go to the last post in that thread to see this week’s “stop” post. We don’t discuss anything in that thread, we discuss everything here. Discussion can be about your story, or anything you like. We’e a friendly bunch (as long as you don’t upset the Australians :slight_smile: )


Maybe this will work? Tomorrow


UPDATE: About my story set in 1725, an earlier post had my first story on “stop,” below is the second.

I couldn’t end on such a downer as physical violence, so here’s the next part, a bit less severe:



@Aliens8407 much better!


I access them through a browser on my phone.


The only reason Joe is sober is because his jailer isn’t sharing!

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