The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


Now here was I, contemplating early Sunday morning sea-fog, drinking my first coffee and woe is me… this squidgy little Brit person emerged from the mists to colour up my cheeks.

I DO try to be nice, BUT… he’s surfing on awfully dangerous wipeout waves [and if they don’t get him, I’m sooling my bestiest drop bears onto him, plus my trained takeaway mosquitoes [no dear, THEY aren’t the takeaway… HE will be!]

Welcome to the group by the way, Ramenia. [and don’t let mediocre performances scare you! Shh… don’t tell anyone, but he’s a bit of a honeybunch behind that uhrr… uhmm… crass language!]
And EPrescott? Welcome to you too??



Oh, err, no, ummm, not you. Another Australian. Yeah. That’s it.


Thanks for the (official) welcome <3 <3 I’m kind of shadowing this group for a while now because John Nedwill is here, but either way it’s good to finally come out of the dark and say hi :blush:




Ok, y’all. I have another piece, sort of. It’s not really for this weekend, as it is too many words and not really related to stopping or any other prompt I can see. But, I think it’s funny, so I offer it to you because my stop piece was… well, it was not funny. (Thank you to all who read and commented.)

I’ve put this in for a Sci Fi contest (I won first place the contest for my entry, Day at the Office, for the last one!). The prompt was: Tell us a story about your alien friend in under 1000 words. This is what I ended up with:

Get In Loser…


I wake up, check the boards and - Hello @EPrescott!


I went to a search engine since I had no idea what you were writing about. Turns out I’ve had chitlins.


Once eaten, never forgotten?


My alt earth superhero story continues!


Welcome @EPrescott.

Anyone who has been keeping an eye on @johnnedwill is welcome here.

I have to confess, I learned a new word from you. Which is always a good thing
and not unusual if you hang around John.

By a show of hands, how many of the rest of you had heard of drabble before yesterday?
And if you knew the word, could you use it in a sentence?


If you only have a little time, then write a drabble.



A drabble (100 words) is more than a dribble (50 words). A tribble is supposed to be 300 words, but it will always mean “fuzzballs that took over the Enterprise” to me.


Also using the same ‘Stop’ prompt, the next part of the saga of Earth B!


@ThomasWalborn - Well that’s the search list gone through (I’m not on it again for two weeks in a row! Thanks WP!!) so I now await your full list to see who I’ve missed - has Paul done one? Not seen him on the search.


I have writer’s…, ummm, writer’s… you know, that thing where you can’t think of words


Yeah I know it … the Soviets used to have one, without a K.



No. That’s got a ‘k’.


Seriously young Tom? You dunno about Drabbles??
Lookee HERE for definition and examples, OK?

Sigh… a sentence?
If you’d dabble with a Drabble you’d know the importance of being earnestly short-winded, unlike some voluble dames from Downunder.

Happy now, honey-chile?


writer’s block?

oh wait, that also has a ‘k’


But cee dee, you avoided the question. Had you heard of drabble before yesterday?