The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


Yeah, the Soviets had a Bloc - Paul has a Block.


I have writer’s bloc; the inability to write a story in Russian.


So you have a bilingual block?


Thought they had a Pact?


Well, if I do, then so vi et.




MUCH louder sigh!
Q: When?
A: Dunno exactly but 2017 sometime - see date on my comment and first submission
And it was printed on Ken Magee’s website.

PS: Forgot to say thanks. Whilst checking that particular collection of mine, found another 5 written Drabbles awaiting final finicky tweaking/edit and another four inspirations. Hmm… more for the ‘To Do’ list. Thank you again… I think!


hmmm, 5 X drabble = WWI


Huh? You speaking Brit again?


well, yes, I can’t help it. But if a drabble is 100 words, and you have 5 of them, then you have 500 words, which is one Weekend Write In (WWI)


Now, Paul, be nice to our friends down under. They too have things to say, although some times using words I don’t understand. For that matter the same could be said about your stomping grounds.

But to be fair, looking at it in reverse, we Americans can turn a word inside out. But it’s all your fault, after all where did this confusings language originate?


Exactly, Jim! It’s the ‘English’ language. We should never have given permission for anyone else to use it. We are barely able to understand anything the Scots and the Welsh say any more, and don’t get me started on the Irish! We sued Canada for patent infringement and they are now switching to French. I have to run all of CeeDee’s posts through Google translate, and all the U.S. posts through spell check to put back all the 'u’s. It’s not easy, Jim.


All bleary eyed : Is this where we share our entries for the weekend write-in?


Morning! Typically, we post a link to the story and then those that can, or want to, wander over to read.


Hey, google translate! I’ve been saved from having to guess. So, since it’s ‘English’ you should have the last say as for how a word should be spelled? Tell that to CeeDee! As for the 'u’s, why would you ever want to put one in color? Remember I’m just a red-headed step cousin who inherited this language. It could have been Irish! lol


Hi @rsramanujam , This is the place! You can post a link here (it is allowed) that will take us right to your story.

But it would be my pleasure to do it for you. I recommend RAM’s story, “Early Winner” , to all of you.


Ya wee dafty. We’s uns right clair when we’s taakin’. Yous English is fair scunnered if’n yez canna unnerstan’ us.


?? constipation ??


This is the ‘End of the Weekend’ summary for Jason.

I find twelve entries on the official Wattpad search list; (#weekendwritein #stop) But that is misleading because Decafs posted two and is counted twice but Jason posted two and is counted once.
OK…adding Yvonne to the twofer list. She is now listed on the search once but has posted two stories in the same collection. So that makes (counting on toes) twelve minus one plus two; uh; a baker’s dozen.

Then there are those not yet listed in the search results; notably
and rsramanujam

and that is all that I have found so far.
If something come up in the wee hours I will try to spot it and post it here.


I forgot to add #stop to my book’s tags.