The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


Whatever happened to tea and whiskey?


It was just a tad early for tea and whiskey over here. But feel free to enjoy a tipple as you read my fripple (or whatever it is we are calling what we do).


Well, I suppose it is - given the 5 hour time difference.

Although it is a Friday … .


Wot a lotta laggards you lads are.
It’s already Saturday here [has been for 4.5 hours!]
Here’s this week’s offering before I head back to bed for another couple of hours -

How Do I Love Thee?

[ohh well-ll-ll if I MUST - you’re all my favourites too - but Ted Bear Esq. remains my oldest mate.]
[Please note the ‘u’ - exclusively used by insufferably insistent British English spellers and/or lexiconartists]


Oh, well if it is already Saturday then a whiskey would be just fine. Thank you. But do I have to drink it with tea? I much prefer my Bushmills in coffee.


Here is my weekend write in for #favorite. Quantum Entanglement. Dedicated to @YvonneKindle. Feel free to pick it apart. Nerd out everyone. Now you know how I wasted my college education, but I can still peel an orange in one spiral peel.


Wow hard to keep up with the weekend from where I am, its early Friday afternoon.


Heading for midnight here. I’ve just got back from a Godzilla night at the local arthouse cinema.


You can have it with coffee if you want. I can’t.


How many Godzillas did they show?


Three - all Showa-era Godzillas. Ebirah - Horror of the Deep, Destroy All Monsters, Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla.


As an Amer-ah-cun, born and bred (same thing?), I’m hoping my fellow lexiconmen* can get the rest of y’all to also start designating the month before the day. July 4th clearly being 7/4, not 4/7. Otherwise, what were we all revolting about back in 1776? That’s when America declared it’s independence from u.

*Tip of the hat to cdcraftee for her superior gender-neutral “lexiconartist”


Engineers use the international standard for recording dates: YYYY/MM/DD. But that’s only with our fellow standard users.

just one question - is it the 4th of July or July the 4th?


I think it’s always “the Fourth of July,” but I’m not 100% sure. Right, Yvonne, Thomas, other Yanks?


Hey decafs, is that a new avatar?

When we refer to the Holiday it is ‘the Fourth of July.’
When using the date, it is July 4th. Very rarely is it July the 4th.


worked with international teams for many years and adopted the habit of ‘dd MON’ as in 16 Jul.


Yes, I downloaded a bunch of Day of the Dead images a long time ago, and I’ve been trying them out.


Yeah, I thought so.


My entry this week is a change of pace. Here you go:'s-pov-favorite-game


For some reason, we in the Old Country always use Xth of Month. No idea why.