The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


Due to my long association with US engineers, I’ve become bilingual. I can translate from imperial to metric and vice-versa. Of course, it took me a long time to get used to the US pint. It’s smaller than ours.

More beer!


I’m a scientist, so I’ve learned metric. I still can’t convert from kilometers to miles in my head quickly (but I can go the other way decently), nor do I have a very good feel for more than about about three temps in Celsius (0* (freezing), 25*(standard room temp) and 100*(boiling)). I don’t happen to run across these much for the courses I teach. Now, meters, kilograms, and milliliters? Got those down pretty good. I have to now look up how many cups are in a quart and such.


Kilometres to miles is easy if you can do fractions multiply by 5 and divide by 8. The answer is close enough. I still have to check myself on horsepower/watts and psi/bar. But then I’m not a mechanical engineer.

I suppose that it’s whatever is most familiar. Rads to greys to sieverts is effortless.


Multiplying by 5 isn’t a problem. Dividing by 8 is. There’s only so much my dyslexic brain can do without a calculator, I hate to admit. It’s the same difficulty when converting from *F to *C. Of course, if I could get my google assistant to work in the truck (too much noise), I could simply ask it to do it for me. LOL


Oh, I hate that…“OK Google I have just gone 20 kilometers, how many miles is that?”
(sexy lady voice) Alright, I have just erased the last twenty files."
{you} “No. Put them back. Uh. Crap. OK Google. multiply twenty by five and then divide by eight.”
(slv) “According to Google Maps, the last place you ate was at Mel’s diner. Please rate this experience for everyone.”
The easiest solution is to multiply by five then divide by two (easy-peasy) then divide that by two again, then divide that by two. [Cut in half three times makes eight. Remember your pie lessons.]
But by that time you have traveled another 10 klicks so it might be easier just to think in kilometers.

Now, converting from Rads to grays, the best I can say is to ask Google. Or John.


That’s awesome.




I think I understand: having a bit of gray makes you rad.


“I say your civilization. Of course, when we started doing your thinking, it became our civilization.”

I try not to use the internet or simulations for anything beyond confirming whether or not I’m right. As I keep telling the young engineers, if you don’t understand it then how do you know that the computer is right? As far as I’m concerned, when the consequences of a professional mistake could be ‘interesting’, an engineer needs to be sure in themselves.

Although I may have to look up some of the ‘Q’ factors.



When Tom Cruise was still cute and not crazy.


I like Godzilla. In fact, I quite like any kajiu movies.


But only if you sievert.


Imperial pint I’m told.


OK. I am going to let you in on a professional secret.
I use this every week.

Every time I open my browser to check this forum, I start with an empty page that only features Google search. Then I open a new tab to bring up the forum.

This allows me to quickly google whatever new topic John brings up without losing my place. I can switch quickly between tabs, reading up on Q factors and kajiu movies with ease.

It is the only way you can keep up with him.


It’s the curse of my butterfly mind … .


The American fl oz is bigger than the Imperial fl oz, so your shots are more generous and more suited to my Irish heritage. However, the American pint has 16 fl oz, while the Imperial pint has 20 fl oz. 20% more beer please!


He’s not crazy. Now, Jack Nicholson - there’s crazy!


Hey Y’all, new topic.

Willie Geist just aired a feature article on the Sunday Today show about Wattpad and one of the writers, Anna Todd, who hit the big time here.
Here is the story link: “Wattpad Offers a Smart Springboard”.

Hopefully Wattpad will let me post the link.


“Video not available in your country”

Although, from the blurb, I think I would be throwing my laptop across the room. Can’t afford a new secondhand Macbook at the minute.


But if our (USA) ounce is bigger than your ounce, would 16 of our ounces equal 20 of yours? What is the actual conversion formula?
And we haven’t talked about the price of that beer.
Of course, prices vary by location as well as brand so we would need to define some controls here.

I am hereby volunteering to carry out research on this matter since I will be in multiple cities in the UK in September.