The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread



Let me see if I can ‘steal’ it


Your fl oz is 5% bigger than ours, given it’s based on the old measure for wine.

No idea. It’s been a while since I last bought a beer in an American bar - coming up for 18 months now!

I look forward to the results of your survey!


I have to admit having only found Wattpad last November it is a neat platform. Thanks for sharing video (available in this country).


By butterfly you probably mean that it moves from subject to subject but
I would characterize it more as eclectic. You don’t just sample a subject, you assimilate it.

I am envious.


I’m just a very quick study.


I found Wattpad 13 months ago, and then as a reader. I didn’t start posting until early August - just in time to miss the WATTYS. I found the threads in September.


@ThomasWalborn - London, I hope. I am thinking @johnnedwill and @mediocrebrit and myself - food, drinks and meet up. A few other OMPers too, if I can organize. I think @StevenJPemberton would definitely fit in with the challenge crowd, though he’s not been by for a while.


And also by September my Alt Earth story in Father Time will hopefully be done and I will have set up my Earth-F(ox) universe using the PD characters from Fox Features.

John, Steven and I have already talked about my UNSEEN MAN franchise plans - I am expanding those to include my Fox universe and have been working on an undrafted spin off collection called ALICE THE IMMORTAL AND OTHER SUPERHUMAN TALES.

Phase One is to further the three sections which will consist of the lead story starring Alice, a secondary lead starring The Eagle (both set in modern day) and a third section with one off stories based on other Fox characters. So far, The Topper (WIP) and Wonderman (completed earlier tonight).

The next phase will be to invite other writers to contribute with tales of certain characters - and later to expand with artists. Ultimately if set up well, I was thinking of pitching a synergy project to Fox Broadcasting - after all they are now bereft of a line of developed comic book characters/superheroes for live action.

I have had John, Paul, Ringo … errr Steven and Tom in mind for this, for ages re Unseen Man and now this. Hopefully we can talk more when plans are further down the road, and include other interested writers we know.


I currently have 16 tabs open… in this window… One is a website where I’m keeping track of the hits on my fanfiction I’ve published elsewhere. One is this forum. One is my writing google drive. Seven are files from said google drive. Four are from the other side of wattpad. Two are research tabs.

I work like this all the time, even at my real job. I have three monitors there, even.

Now, what this has to do with this group, I’m not so sure, but I thought it to be somewhat impressive. “Look at the size of my browser!” she yelled joyously.


hug Me too Miss :sweat::sweat:

I heard it was bad work ethic but it just how we are :persevere:


So long as they don’t distract you, who worries?


Are there about six stories this week? Maybe I am missing some submissions.


I make it 9. Some people are listed under #favorite, some under #favourite and some under both!

But there are a few regulars missing.


I never remember to tag my anthology, but I do remember to post it here. I heard that we can only have so any tags on a book.


Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that I have THOSE windows at work open. Only that I have many. One for pandora, one for google, one for assignments, one for grades, etc. Then, there are the multiple words files and excel spreadsheets…


Oh, I never looked under #favourite. Anyone who used that spelling should also add the #favorite tag.

Yvonne, yes, there is a limit on tags. Most people doing a compendium of shorts start a new book when it gets filled up, or just start deleting the old tags (you probably won’t get many hits on a twenty week old story using the tags anyway).

I haven’t done a story for two weeks, and I have a month away coming up in a week or so, so I probably won’t get anything done before June.

I’ll still get the prompt out as long as I have internet, or if I can’t, I can get someone else to do it.


Ah’m American born and bred, through and through, an’ grew up always writin’ down the date with the month first…but if ya do the month second, ya don’t need no commas. (I’ve been out of touch over the weekend, just now coming belated to the date-format discussion)


Here’s my entry for the weekend, only a few days late: For the Love of a Strawberry

I was traveling and pretty much offline from Friday-Monday. My brain is probably still somewhere along the 1,750 miles/2,760 km of highway I drove in that time. (Just to pitch in on the metric stuff.)


So, I was telling my students, just chatting, about this group and the recent conversation about favorite versus favourite. One says, and I quote, “Man, those British speak in cursive. And Australians? They’re just the British equivalent of Texas.” I couldn’t help but share. LOL


Are we thinking of the General Sherman version of Texas?