The 85 Day Challenge



Have a story you want to write, are writing, or have stopped writing recently? Is it slow going and taking forever? Want to finally finish it, or at least the first draft of it? We can do it together!

Why 85 days? Starting tomorrow, the race begins. There will be -85 days- until June, and the Wattys. Having a challenge to the end with other writers to support you is the best way to keep going. We keep each other in check. And who knows, we may just enter the Wattys.

What do you say? Everyone who wants to join at any point is free to do so. At the top of your post, put #85Days. Tell us your story title, how long you’ve been working on it, and your word goal for the story. Only one story per user please. (We have to make sure each other are writing! However, if you choose to keep it unpublished, you may do so.)

-Each day, post how much you wrote. Taking a day off when needed is allowed, however, you’re encouraged to write no less than five days a week and 6,000 words a week.- It sounds like a lot, but trust me, it’s about two or three chapters. When someone is struggling, just let the rest of us know and we’ll help you through anything. Motivation, plot, grammar, you name it. We can give each other critiques and advice at any point in the race.

The penalty for dropping out: You’re not going to finish a danged thing. It’ll be a stone weighing down on you until you actually finish it.
The reward for finishing: Congradz! You’re a bonified author of a completed story! Send it to the Wattys! Show it off! Plus, I’m giving a shout-out on my wall for every who makes it!

Do we have a challenge?


Everyone Running For The Finish Line!




I’ve been working on a story (writing and plotting) since March of 2017. Now, already March of 2019, I’d like to finish it. I’ve struggled with the beginning especially, and my previous draft is unfinished and too different from the plot I am thinking of now to use. I want to enter it in the coming Wattys just to give it a try, regardless of whether I win anything or not I want to finish it. It really does hurt to leave a manuscript without an end after so much work.

My word goal for Season Heirs is 80,000, and I plan on making a sequel. I will be updating my word count each week, but I might keep it private until it is finished. Fingers crossed.


Sounds good to me! I’m almost done with my current WIP and would like to start something new while also kicking off the sequel. Maybe I’ll work on the sequel a little less intensely than Book One–I burnt out twice in the process! But I still want to post regularly to Wattpad, which I can’t do with my MQL project.


Sounds like a lot on your plate. Good job! If you want to enter a book, I wouldn’t mind the company. :slight_smile:


Great! I am excited to be apart of this challenge. I just love writing and creating whole new worlds.



I’ve been writing since 20th of May, 2018, it is now the 8th of March, 2019.

I’m not really having any trouble finishing it, but I think that I need to speed up My works significantly if I want to be successful.

I’m currently only writing a single 1500 word episode a week, that’s a 1/4th of the required weekly goal, and I think I can write far more than that in a single week.

Currently, I have 48 episodes released.

I don’t really have a set word goal for Shards of the Demon King, but if I had to guess, it’ll be in the 100.000s

Keep in mind that I release a single episode a week, so I might not publish the finished episodes right when I update the word count.

Also, this is My first challenge, let’s hope I can keep up with Y’all.


Ugh. 85 days when I’m having writer’s block about where I want this these books to go. Each one is a sequel that I feel is needed, but… it’s just not coming. Still, I will try!


Day 1 everybody! Today is a new day. Forget the pressures of writing, set your time aside so you do nothing but write when you get to it, and let the magic flow. If you’re on a first draft, you don’t have to worry about whether it’s perfect or not. Just let the story unfold.


Also, I’m just going to let You know that I live in Indonesia, so that might cause some complexities with the word count reports.


No problem!


Reporting in before I go to sleep:

Today’s word progress: 1.323

Total word progress: 1.323


#85 days
Those Blue Eyes / The Girl in the Shadows (conflicted in the title)

I started a book in January and it went pretty well for the first month. I wrote ten chapters in two months. Come March, all my motivation dried out. I have tried to write the next chapter three times. So I now have three very different paragraphs which lead to nowhere.
I kind of know what is to happen in next chapter but I can’t seem to write it on paper/computer.

The word count can go between 20k-40k as this is supposed to be a thriller novella. I have already done around 10 k but need to edit that later.


#85 Days
My story Title: Down In Flames
I have been actively working on it since Janurary when I first posted Chapter 1 but I had the original idea on an old flash drive that has survived the 10 years since high school lol. My word goal is at least 1500 words per chapter(some of the beginning chapters are not that long) In total I have 15ish chapters but I want maybe 40-50 chapters. (I want it to be close to book length so I can expand and do mods if I am able to publish) It is the first in a trilogy (but I hope to make it a whole series if I am able to) Today I am actually about 800 words in and hope to post it by 6ish (I am Cali time so it is currently 7:25 am)
I love this Idea it will help motivate me just so I can get the shout out lol


Ah ha. Now I see why that would be a problem. I actually took a language class, so 1,323 words. Really good.


Excited to have you join! Wishing your first day success!


Success is measured differently by everyone. If you feel you need to speed one up, by all means, you got this!


You can do this! Writer’s block is aggressive, be aggressive right back! Don’t feel pressured to write every day and feel guilty when you haven’t done so. Accept what you did each day as good, and trust me, much of your stress will go away. When you get stuck, write other scenes you have in mind, think outside of the box with ideas you’d never put in the final draft, ask you characters questions and let them answer on their own. All the luck!


I have felt that same thing. Sometimes it helps to dabble in another story for a while, to forget goals and write for the moment, and to skip ahead to scenes you’re more excited about. You can fill in the blanks and smooth the edges later. In Season Heirs, I’ve changed my beginning probably ten, twenty times. I can’t get past the first half chapter before changing it again, but that isn’t going to stop me forever. It’s all about mindset.


Awesome! Sometimes the time between gives us ideas for how to push forward. We come at them with a new excitement. And, as they say, it’s better late than never to finish a story. Good luck and keep at it!