The 85 Day Challenge


Lol thanks I honestly forgot about it until I was throwing away random stuff and found it in a Junk drawer I was like yess score lol


I wrote 1277 words today. I was stuck, so I started to interview my characters. I didn’t finish, so there are more questions to ask and the answers will translate directly to the book in some way.


I think I’m gonna join in on this.

So, my story is set in a steampunk universe where the only places people live are sky islands. The main character is Captain Alexander Ray Rullero. Ray’s a cowardly and selfish jerk who cares for no one other then himself, but over the course of the story, he evolves into someone who could actually be considered as a good person. This change will come about by forcing him into a position of leadership. He’d have to lead the refugees of his destroyed country after a war engulfs his entire world.

Been stuck on the first paragraph though.


This sounds like a very original story, and intriguing. You seem to have the plan down fairly well too. If you’re having difficulties starting up, you’re not alone. But it may help if you just relax, let any idea that comes to mind flow, and write a number of paragraphs. Find the one you like and let your creative juices flow.


Start in the middle and worry about that first paragraph later. The idea is to just write. Write anything.


That sounds like it can work. Thanks for the ideas.


Yes. Especially considering so many professional writers that say they’ve had to completely rewrite the first chapter after the story is done, or that their story really started in chapter two.


In one of my books, I had to go back and write a prologue! That actually turned into Chapter 1.


I kind of feel like that’s true. My chapter one is just the setup, where I showoff my characters, their personalities, and how they interact with one another. The war starts in chapter 2, which starts the plot as well.


Anyone else had problems accessing this site for a while?

Yesterday morning I was able to come here but the rest of the day, I couldn’t.

So I ignored it and slept, I can now access it again this morning.


I wrote 2200 words today, but only 1200 of those were specifically for the book. I finished interviewing my characters and now I have a PLOT! Woo!


Yup. It was down for a while.

So I didn’t write anything new, but I edited four of my past chapters, because I feel like it has been so long I have forgotten some things. (Since it is a mystery, I have to remember all the foreshadowing I have done)


Post-it notes on the wall help with this, if you have office space.


Yesterday I couldn’t post, so I’m just going to combine the progress from yesterday with today:

Today’s word progress: 1.563

Total word progress: 2.886


My internet cut out yesterday, but I did manage to make an outline of my story on a piece of paper. I now know exactly how many chapters I’ll have and what will happen in each of them. But right now I’m stuck on the introduction to the story. I want to avoid cliches and come up with a unique intro, so ideas would be appreciated.

The beginning starts off with Captain Rullero, the main character, being taken to the airship dock that holds the ship he’ll be captaining. But the thing is, he’s captaining the biggest airship ever designed, so he has to work with three other captains who will maintain three other sections of the ship while they all take orders from Admiral Gloss. I’m going start off with this so I can introduce characters like Colin the Steamsmith, Winston the pilot, and Eveline the advisor in a seamless way.

But I’m still stuck on the first word.


Huh. I guess I didn’t log on often enough to notice.




Well, skylines are cliché. Alarm clocks are cliché. Mirrors are pretty cliché if you plan on staring into one. Maybe you could jump right in and show him arriving, talking to someone who gives him directions. Or you could have him getting ready and give away details on paper about his future job that’s packing away. As well, it could start with something to do with the conflict and then go to the main character. Hope this helps some.


Actually, before I wrote the first paragraph, I wrote a forboding quote about war I’d made up. Also, a calm start like asking for directions could work. I mean, I called chapter one “The calm before the storm” after all. Thanks for the help.


How about:
The beauty of his ship, the [name of ship], floating in the dock nearly brought tears to Captain Rullero’s eyes. He was a lucky, lucky man to have her.