The 85 Day Challenge


That could work for the other characters, but not Ray. He’s an apathetic man with little appreciation for anything.


While all the other captains are admiring the majesty of the H.M.S. Victoria, Ray will show little to no emotion at seeing it, showing how he differs from the common man in the story.


Or show him as the exact opposite. A.k.a hates his new job.


Yeah! While everyone else is proud to serve their country, Ray is upset that he has to serve on the ship that will obviously see combat at one point or another. He’d much rather laze about captaining the ship that patrols the capital of his country.


Or retiring to captain a cruise ship?



Oh and I’m already to 400 words.


You know what, I can’t hold back my curiosity anymore. What are your stories?


Are you asking me or the group?


The group. I keep reading you guys revealing little snippets of your stories, and they sound really interesting so I just wanted to ask if anyone would like to talk about their’s.


Mine is a sequel to my work, Speaker’s Way. Here’s the blurb for that:

Yui, a betrayed thief sold into sexual slavery, is seeking any way to escape the horror of her fate and return to the freedom she was forced to leave behind. Haruto, the outspoken heir of the High Priest and Priestess, is being sent to a life of brutality laced with the threat of death for his insolence and near blasphemy against his parent’s religion.

Drawn passionately to each other, at first through agreement, but then through desire, they flee society’s chosen roles for them, finding instead an underground rebellion and another love, Sam. As the High Priest becomes power hungry, issuing missives further denigrating the female class, it becomes clear that something must be done. Yui and Haruto, along with Sam, return to where they started in the Capital City, only, this time, they have sworn to make a difference.

(Rated Mature)
The next book, with a working title of Chooser’s Path, is about how, now that they’ve overthrown Haruto’s father, Yuto, they try to make things work by being the new leaders. The tentative plot is (there’s detail here that only makes sense if you’ve read Speaker’s Way):

Haruto learns about trade; Yui sets up loan program for the women cheated out of their holdings byt Yuto’s crazy declarations; Sam begins to recruit Warriors for the Tear. Haruto and Yui reset society to what it was before Yuto got crazy, but they start flipping the ceremonies between men and women (a BIG change to society). The Teacher of the Warrior’s Way returns to the Tear, send the Lieutenant back to gather up first round of Yearlings (young Warrior Trainees).

Shiro, a rebel leader, arrives at Temple and starts to change the dye from Speaker’s Cloth to Chooser Blue at the behest of Haruto and Yui. Rento, the famous assassin who now protects Yui, and by default, Haruto and Sam, and Haruto begin to get closer and they develop a relationship.

Assassination attempt on Haruto; Rento, Jin, and Momo save him. Sam goes after assassin. It was done by a Warrior who was threatened with the death of his family by [who? Foreign government? If so, which one?]

Yui’s relationship with Rento develops through Haruto. Haruto and Rento sleep together, then he, Rento, and Yui sleep together (without Sam) a few times (she’s busy with the Lieutenant?). Yui gets pregnant; not clear if the father is Rento or Haruto.

Yiu is kidnapped [by who and why?] Hell hath no fury than Haruto, Rento, and Sam without Yuri. Haruto finally catches up with them, somewhere, and slaughters them.

Yui gives birth to twins [of different fathers, one from Haruto and one from Rento… revealed later? One has brown hair and tawny eyes, obviously Haruto’s. One has black hair and dark eyes, could be from Yui, but actually from Rento. Who do they figure it out?]

(Also, rated mature!)

So far, I’ve written about trade. Lot’s more to go.


Sounds great! I’ll be sure to give both stories a read later. If you’d like a summary of my story in return, just ask.


Well, of course! Share and share alike! Just no links 'cause we’ll get in trouble.


So, we start off with the character touring the Victoria. The ship is being built as a joint project between the kingdoms of Darcinia and Kabanaro. Four captains from each country will be captaining sections of the ship while they take orders from Admiral Gloss. The tour goes off without a hitch and they meet the steamsmith Colin and the advisor Eveline. Ray goes back to the ship in the night because he’d left a report about the Victoria in the Admiral quarters of the ship. There he finds a Kabanaro captain walking through the halls with what looks to be an entire regiment of soldiers. Ray stops them and asks what the hell their doing and why they’re not at the festival celebrating the alliance between the two kingdoms being held in the main city of Darcinia. They start spouting off BS before one of them pulls a gun on Ray. Thinking quickly Ray uses the Kabanaro captain as a human shield and books it out of the Victoria with the Kabanaro on his heels. He finds Colin the steamsmith welding a piece of metal. Ray frantically asks him where the nearest exit is. Colin, confused at the urgency, points him to a hole in the wall of the Victoria where there was a ladder. Ray then runs off and jumps out the hole. Then a bullet pings off the wall near Colin, so he runs after Ray because he doesn’t want to be caught by the Kabanaro. Yada yada yada, the two of them make it to Darcinia and try to warn the king, who’s making a speech, but he’s shot in the head. Chaos ensues.

End chapter 1.

I’m not good at sumarising entire stories, and especially not this one because I plan on having at least 6000 words in each chapter.

And I plan on having 55 chapters.

I’m in it for the long haul.


Nice first chapter! Good airship steampunk. I’m assuming this is isn’t fanfiction? Not that that would matter…

Just FYI, it is typically encouraged, from what I’ve found, to keep chapters at about 2000 words for wattpad. I think all the readers have ADHD. LOL



Oh no.

But I’m already at 1000 words!

And yeah, it’s original. And just so you know, the Kabanaro only allied with the Darcinians, the best shipbuilders in the world, so they could make them build the best ship in the world. They betrayed the Darcinians so they could have the victoria all to themselves.


you know what? My plan doesn’t need to change. I’ll just break each chapter down into two or three parts once I’m done. That could work.


Yeah, I have a another WIP that I had to break down into parts, then into chapters. I’m stuck on part 6, so I decided to work on this one for a while. At least I have a plot for this one. The only bad thing is, when it’s time to go back to the other one, I’ll have forgotten the details and will have to read it. Again. I like it and all, but I’ve read it now about five times. LOL

I might have to shorten my own chapters, too and break them down. Or, I just might push things with 3000 word chapters.


If you can’t come up with a plot, then you could try this. I had no idea what the plot for my story would be, but then I just started writing down chapter names for all 55 of my chapters and it came to me. Like, start with chapter one and come up with chapters with events that will propel the story and then before you know it, the entire story’s laid out.


Chapter names are really hard for me. In fact, sometimes, I don’t use them at all, though I’m trying to because it does help. The pain is when you have to insert a chapter, then you have to renumber them. LOL


Yeah, it’s hard. But for this I just put chapter names that described what happened in the chapter. Like ambush, Trip to Lagnappe, or the siege of Darcinia. Simplistic names like those that you can change later when you put them in your story.


I didn’t write that much today, since I started writing at 7-ish PM and planned to stop at around 9 PM, but I got a stomachache and had to take care of that first.

Today’s word progress: 537

Total word progress: 3.423