The 85 Day Challenge


I forgot to post my progress yesterday.

Yesterday’s progress: 1,458 words


This sounds awesome! I might get into reading this genre…


Same thing happens to me. I haven’t written in a bit (shame on me), but I’m bouncing between three stories. It’s entertaining, but tiring. I just have to get past the first chapters…


You’ve still got over half of the week’s challenge done. Good job!


I struggled to get out 1091 words today toward the book. I did write almost another 3k for a new contest project, though. So, I’m writing, writing, writing, just not for the book. I’m not sure why I’m resisting doing it.


Well, I’m trying to start writing a prologue I like for Season Heirs. It’s coming out flat and lifeless.


Could I have some opinions/tips on this part of my story?

A single droplet exploded as it came in contact with the floor. It would be the only one she allowed to do so. She spun around in a flash and swiped the wooden hairbrush off the vanity table. It flew through the air and clattered against the wall. With the same force, she gripped the oak chair that sat nearby and overturned it. A silver hand-mirror balanced on the edge of the vanity and this she snatched next, throwing it across the room where it shattered loudly against the wall. Twinkling splinters laid all out on the floor, reflecting the flickering candle light of the chandelier back at her.

There was usually something relieving about destroying things, but this pain was too deep to clear away. Her fists clenched at her sides and she gripped the silk material of her dress to keep from overturning the vanity itself. She wanted so much to take anything in her hands–the less sturdy, the better–and smash it on the floor.

A heat seared behind her eyes to think about it and she bit down on her lip to keep from screaming. The bedroom laid in shambles around her and still it wasn’t enough to stop the pain. For so long she ignored the fear that grew inside. It was damaging, she knew, but no one else had listened when she tried to explain. No one would help her. They didn’t understand what was wrong with this tradition.


I’ve posted my prologue for early viewing. I’m kind of afraid it’s too lacking in detail, emotion, thought, and plain description of movements. Why is this so hard to get back into! Lol.

Edit: Forgot to add, that’s 1,440 words today.


I’ll take a look for you.


I continued where I left off yesterday and completed another chapter.

Today’s word progress: 812

Total word progress: 4.235


Forgot yesterday’s progress again

Yesterday’s progress: 812

Today’s progress: 1286

I’ll write 1400 words tomorrow.


Today’s progress: 2708 words.
Total words: 13862

I also made a map for the setting. Excellent time waster. LOL


Wow. Nice word count! The map style looks familiar, what program did you use?


Inkarnate… online software. It’s a little too “fantasy” genre, but, hey, it was free. You can get other skins besides fantasy, if you want to pay. I think. I know you get more “assets”, like… I don’t have snow capped mountains on my map because they weren’t available.




19000 words in, total, and I’ve found a fatal flaw that I must address. Panic! I don’t know if I’m going to go back and write it in earlier in the plot or write it in now.

That being said, I wrote 4235 words today.


What seems to be the trouble? I tend to find that my original plot never gets used by the end of the story. It takes writing the story to know how you want the final story.


How’s everyone’s 6,000 word weekly deadline coming? Friday starts the new week. :slight_smile: I, for one, am still getting into. But I think often about the plot and surrounding details.


Ok, so in the first book, my character was sold off as a slave. Now that they’ve overthrown the government, in the second book, she hasn’t once thought about abolishing slavery. I think that’s a huge plot hole.


Well, it really depends on your character’s personality, any trauma, how she’s raised. Maybe she would be thinking more about revenge on the people who sold/bought her, rather than stopping slavery. Or it’s an idea that has yet to sprout.