The 85 Day Challenge


Not everyone who becomes a slave wants to end slavery, they just want themselves and their families to be safe and out of it. It’s a commonality between all slaves, but there has to be a reason to actually go for abolishing slavery. Maybe she’s thought about what it would be like to not have slavery, though, that’s pretty logical.


I’m pretty sure I’m hitting the 6000 word goal for the week… but I haven’t been keeping track. I went and made a goal tracker on NaNoWriMo, though, so now I better track my progress through the weeks.


I think I can play it off as they’ve just been too busy dealing with running-the-country stuff and setting things right for other people that her personal issues haven’t really been looked at. Besides, her biggest source of trauma is now dead, so I could see how it might slip her mind. Besides, it hasn’t even been a month yet. I think I’m going to sleep on it and make a decision tomorrow.


Well, not to cause any problems. So, it’s been a month. Did she go through an actual trauma? Even without something serious, she could have difficulties facing the subject. But if she did have real trauma, it wouldn’t just fade away because the guy died. She could have nightmares, memory loss, subject avoidance, PTSD, DID, severe anxiety, so on. Little things that didn’t matter before could stand out like billboards and irritate the heck out of her. And, if she is the lead of the story, regardless of the bigger picture, it would be risky to the entire story to exclude her personal feelings about what’s happened. The overall plot can still be the center of attention with her sharing what she’s going through. Sleep on it! It’s the first week and your progress is great, so restarting isn’t as big of a deal at this point in the challenge.


Yeah that’s the issue. PTSD such that she had night terrors. But, she found a way to deal with them so that she hasn’t had them in a while.

I would’t have to restart, I don’t think, just… reweave.


There was a really long power outage in My area yesterday so I couldn’t write at all.

My laptop’s battery is broken and it needs to be constantly charged if I want to keep it on for more than a minute, so yeah.

Yesterday’s word progress: 0

Total word progress: 4.235



The counter doesn’t reset until tomorrow! You can totally do this. You’re only 1765 away!


I wrote as much as I could today, but now I’m all burnt out and I need to rest.

Today’s word progress: 1.455

Total word progress: 5.690

Close enough, right?


Oh, wow. Snow or something?

Hey! I have one of those too. Windows 8 Dell.

Trust me, you’re ahead of me. I’ve been struggling to start it all month.


You can make up the missed words next week.


I missed the word count… I’m doomed to 10,560 words next week.


#85 Days (or less since I am late)

I have been thinking about and working on my story Flawed for over two years now, but I am thinking about changing the title to The Flawed Girl and The Nearly-Perfect Boy. I seem to be putting filler at the beginning of the story, and they are shorter chapters than I would like. I have about 24,688 words altogether, but I have skipped around while writing a lot, so most of that is not ready to be posted. I will probably end up having over 100,000 words easily after I am completely finished, but I am doubting right now whether I can get through this story in one book or if I will have to do a sequel.

I have ADHD, so staying focused on one story is hard. Ideas for other stories and fanfics constantly berate my mind. I think some motivation and feedback might help. I think writing will get easier once I am posting the juicy parts of my story and getting more comments.

My story is a unique twist on the typical bad boy meets a nice girl, and I wonder how many people actually want to read it. The girl has a form of Autism, and the guy accidentally gets her pregnant. I think I am in fairly uncharted territory.


I forgot to update my progress yesterday. I wrote 1,224 words, bringing my total to 20,068.


I like the working title of Flawed much better than the second title!

I have ADHD, too. Things that help me are, beside proper medication, are to have something on in the background as noise (like music that I can kind of ignore) as well s something in my mouth like gum or candy. (It gives your body something to do) I still find that I pace when I’m thinking about stuff and wander around the house.

You can do it! Don’t worry about being perfect. 500 words a day is totally cool. While we are trying to get a novel completed in this 85 day stretch, it is much more important just to write



Thanks for the encouragement! I have a few things I can do to keep me concentrated. It is just that initial leap of writing the first sentence or two. Usually, after that, I can write for a while.


I totally get this. Executive dysfunction is a thing. It’s why my house is a mess, that’s for sure.


It’s official, I’m starting a new story arc.

Last week’s word progress: 5.690

Today’s word progress: 1.211

This week’s word progress: 1.211

Total word progress: 6.901


Hello! You can definitely join in. I don’t have ADHD, but I am constantly sidetracked by other ideas and quickly quick to the next story, so I can understand some of the frustration. You can do this! Your story sounds really different from anything I’ve heard before, and I look forward to a realistic look on this condition (provided that’s what you’re going for.) Make your story happen!


Basically, I was reading a lot of books on Wattpad about teens and young adults getting pregnant by accident and how those relationships unfold. I thought the concept was interesting, but I wanted to add my own twist. Since I know a lot about Autism (I have Asperger’s Syndrome). I thought this would be a good opportunity to showcase the developmental disorder and to create a unique story.


Wow, that’s really something. Kind of noble, in a way.