The Acrostic Poem Game

The Acrostic Poem Game

What is it? The acrostic poem game is a game I thought for people who love to make poetry. Every week or two, everyone will be given a new word to acrostic.

How Do You Play? Simple! Everyone is allowed, but please don’t yell out any poetry hate or advertise your poetry books here. And if you’re new, feel free to jump in any time. Be aware, however, that there are judging deadlines and that late poem submissions will not be counted.

You start with the word given in that week. You can make up to three poems for that word (please keep them in the same post). Your poem can be any length as long as its within the acrostic poem format, but keep it to the theme of the chosen word. After the deadline, your poems will be judged and a winner chosen to be displayed in a poem book on my profile.

This Week’s Word: Phobias


People staring in
How they never see the truth
Over and over again
But I can never speak to you
I can’t shake the fear that clutches me
And I can’t speak the truth to my friends
Someone save me from my phobias within

Phobias all around
Holding me too far down
Old memories turned anxiety
By the way
Irrational I know it is
And crazy, yes, my phobia is
Somehow, though, I just can’t shake it

People walking
Old and young
Babies too
Irrational fear of all people near
And panic grasps me for this fear
Sorry, I have anthropophobia

Deadline Is March 9th


Panicked I run,
How am I supposed to escape this?
Offense on my senses
Blood rushing through my veins at breakneck speed
I can’t seem to see right
Agony, fear, nothing left for me
Save for phobias and suffering and pain in my heart


Judging Criteria

Want to help judge the poems? Let me know! I’d love an extra set of eyes. Here’s the criteria for picking the best of the best.

- Level One -
Format|Theme Match [ 0 = Doesn’t Match, 1 = Does Match ]

- Level Two -
Spelling|Grammar [ 0 = Terrible, 1 = Okay, 2 = Good ]

- Level Three -
Style|Length [ 0 = Sucks, 1 = Okay, 2 = Good, 3 = Love It! ]

-Level Four -
Quality|Originality (Basically, do you like it or not?) [ 0 = Terrible, 1 = Okay, 2 = Good, 3 = Love It! ]

Winners will be chosen for Third, Second, and First.

Just to be clear, you can’t judge if you participate. Sorry!

Judges for PHOBIAS.


Judging Line Up for Round PHOBIAS.

@NerdiAuthorGirl | 2/27/19


Hey. Because of the lack of participants, I’m extending the deadline until March 30. Come on! There must be someone else with a knack for poetry on here?

I’m sorry… I think there’s a poetry section so I’ll drop a link there :slight_smile:

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Any new words?

NOTE Sorry everyone, do to lack of players and my overall busy schedule, this will be on hold for the summer. However, if you want to make some poetry anyway.


N ever giving up
O h, even though I’ve had enough
V iolent mood swings on little sleep
E specially trying to create this thing
L aboring through to make a masterpiece

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