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you’re welcome, babe!x


Love it! BUt try, they have formats and templates and a lot more fonts! My book cover’s made from there :slight_smile:


but don’t you have to pay to remove their watermark?


LISTEN idk if you can tell by me blowing up your notifications but i. am. obsessed. okay gr8




oh, thank you! :slight_smile:


i used i a free template and free fonts and i didn’t see a watermark

hm check out another one of my book covers

i dont see a watermark here


hey! x how are you?


Hahah! :laughing: That’s so sweet. – I’ve not checked yet. Still eating… (imagine an emoji stuffing its face)


all good! please, take your time (:


ooooooh i love that!


thanks, bunny! so yeah, check out canva! it’s mad exclusively for things like book covers and totally free


Hey guys :slight_smile:


Hiya :blush:


Hey! I’m not sure where everyone went… It was hopping just a little while ago.


Hello, what genre do you write?


I don’t know, I just got here


All types really. Write now I’m writing a YA supernatural mystery.


I’m still here!


Well I guess we are here now, so :slightly_smiling_face: