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Hello! Welcome to the Archives, feel free to look around. Though the documents cannot be taken out, they can be accessed whenever here. I’m Violet and I’ll be wandering through the shelves, dusting bookcases, and adding more records.

Nick would probably say I have too much time on my hands… no, I don’t, I simply procrastinate too much, lol.


What this is?

A compilation of old threads that may be useful, notes, and information of past event in the threads


I made this since my bookmark tab was getting very long and crowded, but I hope others can find it useful as well! *coughs* 300 bookmarks

Can I request a thread to be added?

Sure? I can’t promise it will be, but there is no harm in trying :slight_smile:


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Key code: Documents = Google docs, Records = threads, Notes = my own posts



Documents (Google Docs):

  1. General timeline: Timeline
  2. December 7, 2018: Wattpad Content AMA - Nick
  3. December 12, 2018: Ambassadors FAQs and AMA - Gavin
  4. October 21, 2018: Creator Content Blackout - Rundown
  5. June 15, 2018: Wattpad and the Publishing Industry with Ashleigh Gardner
  6. June 19 & 20, 2018: Co-founders of Wattpad AMAs
  7. March 1, 2019: Improve Your Craft with Nick from Wattpad
  8. August 7, 2019: Wattpad’s Editorial Lead AMA on Writing & What We Look For
  9. August 19, 2019: Stars AMA - Samantha
  10. September 30, 2019 (thread): Earning Free Coins: Data Compilation

Some posts will link directly to a reply I find interesting, others will link to a thread, and you’ll have to scroll and read a bit to find answers.

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Writer's Block & Beginning Writing

Don’t get stuck on “perfect” write, just write. No one starts out perfect. Know that one of the hardest things to do is actually finish a MS. So finish that MS and then edit. Don’t get caught up on this and that, it’s not good enough, or else you’ll never go further than a few scenes.

Please know at least the bare basics of grammar. Capitalization, period, new paragraph, quotation marks. Everyone starts somewhere and you can grow, but please at least lookup or learn how to use basic punctuation.

Writer’s block… Don’t just twiddle your thumbs waiting for magical inspiration. The thing is writing can be hard. You have to understand why you are having writer’s block.
Are you burnt you? Is the MS not interesting? How can you make it more interesting? Is it something irl that needs your attention more? Maybe you just have to go 10 words at a time to get past this section. Whatever it is, find out the root. If you don’t get to the bottom of it you’ll never learn how to deal with it.

Don’t think you know everything there is to know about writing. No one does. Everyone has a different taste. Be confident, yet humble. Be sure if yourself and understand you may not be the best, but you CAN improve. Writing is all about improving and evolving your craft.

Don’t let others get you down. One bad review alright, take a day or two away to recover. But then come back. Come back. Evaluate it. Is it destructive or constructive? Are many people pointing it out or is this one different from all others? And then remember, you write for yourself. Take everyone’s opinion with a grain of salt. If you are really looking for constructive criticism you need to learn how to differentiate between what advice you wanna take and what you wanna just nod and brush away.

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Chapter Lengths

Personally, I prefer chapters that are at least 1k and even go over 2k. Then again, I also tend to write chapters that are 3k+ in my current WIP. But it can vary wildly depending on my project.

**However, it is really however long the chapter needs to be… but **

There is a really neat chart in this website that shows some popular book’s avergae chapter length:

Most agree that under 1,000 words would be rather short and that over 5,000 might be rather too long. As a general guideline, chapters should be between 3,000 to 5,000 words" ~

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Why is werewolf disliked?

Werewolf is interesting… It can be a mix of any number of genres, but classified as its own on WP because of the general theme that it has something to do with werewolves.

It’s a starting point for a lot of writers–same with other genres, but it’s very prevalent–some of the grammar and spelling isn’t the best. Also, this means they read in this genre and probably will use something they enjoyed reading or see is gaining popularity. This can means tropes and cliches. It’s a cycle.

Oh and also old and young write this genre (and the younger ones may be more likely to go along with these things). Our trope also just seem to have gotten a worst rep then most. It’s fair for some, but not all.

I’ll put these links here that are replies from Nick on the matter Wattpad Content AMA with Nick from Wattpad and Why is Werewolf/Paranormal disliked?
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This is such an amazing resource, and I am honored that something I wrote made it here. I am enjoying going through all of the material, and I see so many threads I plan to share with others! Thank you so much. :hearts:


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I’m planning to add more stuff from the #mdc! Though it will probably be more along the lines of tips and tricks, because I want to try and keep it to threads that won’t close/aren’t dependant on a user to be there to answer


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