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Welcome to the Arena, contestants! Here, the characters from your stories will battle against other writers’ characters. Each squad contains five characters and a mascot, either from your original stories or ones specially created for here (although you can always write a story on them later). Each squad will be pitted against another squad, and you will write a short story together in google docs on how the two squads will battle each other, and who eventually wins. It doesn’t have to be long - just a single google docs page is fine - but it has to be realistic. The Arena’s terrain will be randomized, as will the match-up.

Original creator: MistickMage

Welcome Vampire Reader, Writers, and Lovers!
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The Arena Challenge


  1. Please do not roleplay! It is against Wattpad forum guidelines and will get this thread shut down. You may discuss your battle with other characters on this thread, but please do the actual writing on a google doc outside of the forums.

  2. Be kind and respectful to other players and the mods. While you are writing a battle scene with the fellow character, please respect the other’s opinions and ideas. Be kind to one another, and talk it out rather than fight. If a fellow player is not being nice, please contact one of us.

  3. Please do not join if you will not participate. This causes problems down the line.

  4. You may use original characters from your stories, or you may create new ones for this. Please, do not use characters from other people’s books. Use originals instead :slight_smile:

  5. Please warn us beforehand if you don’t want to join the next round. That way, we can ensure no one is left out.

  6. You may have five characters, plus a mascot. The mascot will not join the fight, but is allowed to be very cute.

  7. There is a max of three powers and/or science-fiction equivalent of that. This prevents people from going full OP. If your character has more than three, take away the least important ones, or the ones you think is most useless. If your character has none or less than three, you can keep it the same or buff them up.

  8. Rules may change at any time




The warrior squads are squads focus on fighting and brute strength.

Squad 1: Coral Lynx - Aster, Narcissus, Hope, Faith, Rose, Lei [M] (@Eternal_Foxglove, post #27)
Squad 2: Beastly Creatures - Ethan, Tristan, Lyall, Eve, Celeste (@Kitiara_Black, post #46)
Squad 3: Angels of Death - Ciel, Nix, Ren, Rosa, Tess (@DragonFruit606, post #93)
Squad 4: Blessed Demigods - Jake, Evan, Marcus, Emma, Leya, Boone [M] (@Kstag13, post #81)
Squad 5: Open


The natural squads are squads that use nature to their advantage, bending both flora and fauna to their will.

Squad 1: Golden Oak - Semic, Atsoa, Odean, Nicras, Gayle, Igne [M] (@FireAlwaysReturns, post #4)
Squad 2: Open
Squad 3: Open
Squad 4: Open
Squad 5: Open


The fast squads are squads that focus on speed, and use their swiftness and agility to outrun their enemy.

Squad 1: The Heartthrob Harpies - Amores, Alya, Gabrielle, Isabelle, Agnes, Rowena [M] (@prosenpoetry, post #71)
Squad 2: Open
Squad 3: Open
Squad 4: Open
Squad 5: Open


The mage squads are squads that heavily focus on magic, using that as offence and defence.

Squad 1: Open
Squad 2: Open
Squad 3: Open
Squad 4: Open
Squad 5: Open


The elite squads are squads so powerful they shouldn’t go up against the normal squads. They’re given their own league, and will fight within that league.

Squad 1: Open
Squad 2: Open
Squad 3: Open
Squad 4: Open
Squad 5: Open

You are free to suggest more classes! You may also have a mixture within one squad, although they must have at least two that qualify for their class.



Squad name:
Are you willing to share your gmail in PMs so I can set up docs?:

Character forms:

Please make a character sheet for all five characters of your squad! You may also have a sixth character, a mascot - but they will be non-combatant. You are free to use drawings or pictures for characters.

Example Form

User form

Username: @FireAlwaysReturns
Class: Naturals
Squad name: Golden Oak
Are you willing to share your gmail in PMs so I can set up docs?: Yes

Character forms

Name: Semic
Powers: Strength - otherwise he could never carry that bow around, let alone draw it. He also has telepathy, strong enough to keep up a steady connection between his entire squad.
Weapons: His overly large bow, along with a quiver that never runs out of arrows.
Personality: He's always on the edge of the battlefield, ready to snipe his opponents one by one. Even as he does that, he keeps watch of his entire squad, leading them around the arena by creating a telepathic network between them all. This allows him to see and hear what his four squadmates do, and decide from there whether to pull back or attack. He commands them with a cold certainity, and may the gods have mercy on whoever insults his hat.
Other: Very heavily armored, and carries an enchanted purple crystal on his chestplate that heals him.

– * –

Name: Atsoa
Powers: She has the ability to summon, talk to, and control animals and mythical creatures, as well as the ability to summon, grow, and control plants/trees. On top of that, she can heal beast, plant, and man alike.
Weapons: Her staff - she can use it to whack you on the head. She can also make creatures gut you, or let a wayward vine strangle you.
Personality: She cares more about flora and fauna than humanoids, and is convinced a world with only the animals and the flowers is better. And to achieve that world, she'll kill the humanoids herself. She generally listens to their leader, but may go out of her way to kill someone with a bit of extra cruelty.
Other: She has no armor or warm clothing.

– * –

Name: Odean
Powers: Aside from her superhuman speed, she can turn invisible and teleport from place to place.
Weapons: A large array of knives, as well as two daggers.
Personality: Over time, she has perfected the art of hit and run. That bled into her actions outside of combat as well. When given commands, she's gone within moments. She isn't used to having a long lasting relationship with anyone, and prefers the silence of the dead to the talk of the living.
Other: Her teleportation is limited to what she can see and places she has been before. Teleporting blind is too dangerous.

– * –

Name: Nicras
Powers: His werewolf blood lends him strength, and electricity can burst from his clawed hands. On top of that, he can also create barriers.
Weapons: His claws and fangs.
Personality: He is unable to speak and kills almost everything in sight. The only reason he's able to see friend from foe is Semic's constant careful watch. He's a bit like a hairy hulk with a supercharged aura.
Other: He's a werewolf. Atsoa can take control of him due to that.

– * –

Name: Gayle
Powers: He uses powerful and realistic illusions to scare and trick his opponents, before letting them walk straight into poisonous plants he created. He can also use telekinesis.
Weapons: A small knife in case of emergencies.
Personality: He’s outgoing and enjoys outsmarting and tricking his enemies. On several occasions, he made people make love to bushes and rocks, his victims believing they had the night of their life.
Other: He uses magic to defend himself, and doesn’t have an actual defense beside that.

– * –

Name: Igne
Powers: Her tail glows, and she can summon small flames.
Weapons: Cuteness! Although she can use her beak and claws.
Personality: Ambertails are playful and overly curious, which tends to get them into a lot of trouble. They are more likely to run than to attack.
Other: She is about the size of a hare and functions as the Golden Oak's mascot. Her presence cheers them right up.



Head Master: @FireAlwaysReturns






Please let me know if you want me to remove you from the tag list, or add you to it. Feel free to tag people yourself, too! The sooner we get more contestants, the sooner we can fight!


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You can now even have your pet rock as official mascot character