The Arena Challenge v2 || Come join us!





Yup! :smiley: Mascots ftw!


Wait, is it okay if I just add a pet cat as an extra? Because he’s not going to do anything. He’s just going to sit on a rock/tree in the arena and watch as people die.


Yep. The rules have been changed. You may now have 5 characters + 1 mascot. The mascot won’t fight, but will be cute or amusing


Oh, yay! I’ll do all my character profiles when I get back from lunch, bye for now!



You can copy your old character forms and add one for the cat. The character forms are basically the same. It’s just the user form that’s altered a bit


Username: @Eternal_Foxglove
Class: Warrior
Squad Name: Coral Lynx (You know, because of the cat?)
Are you willing to share your gmail in PMs so I can set up docs?: Yup. But it won’t be my real email.

Character forms:

Name: Aster Dieudonne
Age: 17
Appearance: Light brown hair, blue eyes. Wears red jacket with matching pants. Usually wears sneakers. On school days, he wears his school uniform. Just in case a battle is going to take place at a school-related setting or something.
Powers: Fire. He has to have a source though, so if it’s raining, he’s pretty much useless. He’s also good at combat, since there have been a lot of people trying to assassinate him.
Weapons: Matches (Yes, the thing you start fires with)
Personality: Happy and willing to help. Tries to lighten things up all the time. Can be cold in certain situations. Meaning: if you hurt his twin brother, the battlefield will most likely get blown up, unless you decide that he can’t do that.
Likes: Music, cats, sweets
Dislikes: reading, politics, studying, spicy food.

Name: Narcissus Dieudonne
Age: 17
Appearance: Light brown hair, purple eyes. Usually wears blue jacket with matching pants and sneakers. Otherwise, school uniform.
Powers : ice (not water, ice). He also needs a source, so if we’re in a dry as heck desert, he’ll be absolutely useless. But he can use any type of moisture, there just has to be some type of liquid, whether it’s water vapor, blood, or frozen liquids.
Weapons : daggers.
Personality : cold and calculating. Pessimistic at times. Can be described as tsundere, which is a person who acts cold, but is actually quite nice.
Likes : studying, chess, blue, his eye color
Dislikes : sweets, sports, and cats (allergies). So I guess if you throw a cat at him, that’ll be his weakness.

Name : Hope Takimoto
Age : 15
Appearance : Long black hair tied in twintails with pink ribbons. Black eyes. Also wears a stolen brown overcoat and a knee-length skirt.
Powers : She’s really fast for a normal human being. She’s also good at hand-to-hand combat.
Weapons : Daggers. Two daggers.
Personality : loud and extroverted. She likes to stay out late doing who-knows-what.
Likes : fighting, stealing, chips
Dislikes : dogs, vegetables, studying, books.

Name : Faith Takimoto
Age : 15
Appearance : Has short black hair and black eyes. Tan-ish skin tone. Usually wears a black t-shirt and worn out jeans. Also carries a small black purse with her that may or may not be filled with medical supplies.
Powers : None in particular, but she acts as her twin sister’s (Hope) rational brain. If she didn’t exist, Faith would be the first one to die. She has also read books on first aid, so she can help with injuries.
Weapons : A (key word “a”) pistol, which Hope taught her how to shoot. She’s really good.
Personality : shy and introverted. Hides behind Hope and gets scared really easily.
Likes : dogs, reading, any type of fresh food
Dislikes : fighting, mochi

Name : Rose Dieudonne
Age : 12
Appearance : Long blond hair curled a little at the edges. Blue eyes and a light skin tone. She usually wears cute gowns or dresses. Otherwise, her school uniform.
Powers : Telepathy, which she can talk to her teammates with. She’s also good at fencing and archery. She’s also good at acrobatics.
Weapons : A rapier, bow and arrows.
Personality : Cheerful and innocent. She’s very obedient and cooperative. She also enjoy horror movies and games, so don’t even try to scare her to death.
Likes : her brothers, cake, dresses, reading, purple, and anime.
Dislikes : Almost nothing.

Name: Lei
Appearance: A cute orange Scottish fold kitten. His eyes are really cute.
Powers: Extreme cuteness
Weapons: None
Personality: extremely adorable and kind. If he gets mad at you, he will bite your finger.
Other: He can’t talk, okay? He’s a normal cat. Kind of.


Oh, that’s no problem. I have so many fakes too


This looks so interesting…I’m debating whether I have time for it or not because I’ll totally join if I do…throw in Ira/Trystan/Errow/Trix/Caed or Neyva/Kye/Wesley/Aurynn/Rayick…

Though I’m not sure what class either set would fall into. The characters themselves kinda range and round each other out…


My characters are also pretty rounded. I just changed my fifth character to also control plants, and poof, nature squad. Just pick whatever is closest :slight_smile:

Also, you have a character named Ira?


Hm. I’ll have to think about it. And yes, I do ^.^ Why?


I thought I was being super original when I changed the name ‘Iris’ (rainbow) into ‘Ira’ and made it the Luna rank in my werewolf story


Hahaha well mine is…well easiest way to describe him would be the demon of Wrath. He’s one of the Seven Deadly Sins (and so is Caed). Ira (when it’s pronounced eer-ah, not eye-rah) is literally Latin for wrath


Oh… Wow. I changed a greek word to get another greek word. Great. I’ll keep it in…


I almost feel like if I used that set they’d have to be Elites because they’re so ridiculous and all over the place…like Ira and Errow use magic but Errow’s is insane as far as power level, Trystan uses straight up fighting, Trix uses slight magic to enhance his fighting, and Caed is the speed/agility/stealth/get ahead and take out the problems before they become a problem one. Not to mention the fact that they’re all immortal…


Immortal or invincible?


They can only be killed by any of a specific set of weapons that are hella difficult to get your hands on. They will live forever until they’re killed by one of those. Even just getting pricked with them will kill them, but anything else they’ll survive. But of course they can get the shit beaten out of them and be incapacitated


It is kinda too OP to have them unkillable except with a certain set of weapons that only exists in your world…


That’s why I’m saying they’d be a ton of fun but I don’t know if they’d even work. Their race is created by magic, they’re artificial life, and can only be undone by that same magic. It works within the books because the majority of the characters are like them and the weapons are spread out between the various factions and whatnot but against characters from other worlds…


Is there a way to alter it a bit so that it works here?