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What level would be acceptable here?

Errow would probably also need some altering…he’s pretty damn terrifying


As in, “Can be killed with magic/weapons others have”


I mean I can alter them to be killable obviously XD How easy should it be?


Well, not too easy. If they get stabbed in the hand, they shouldn’t just die (unless it’s like a poison sword - unless they then again are poison resistant). But stuff like an arrow to the heart if they have no armor, or being strangled





Username: @Kitiara_Black
Class: Warrior
Squad Name: Beastly Creatures

Are you willing to share your Gmail: Yes, but only because it’s you, my dear :wink:

Character forms #1

Name: Ethan Vinge

Powers: Very fast (and strong), observative and agile; no magic but he heals rather fast (vampire); His biggest power is his will to survive.

Weapons: Two axes, his fangs

Personality: He is used to not show his emotions but tends to have anger-issues; the world is black or white with little in between for him. Nevertheless, he is very protective over those he has vowed to do so. Especially in case someone dares to hurt Tristan – hell will break loose.

Other: His roots are in the North of Ireland and he was born in the dark middle ages (around 1470). As a soldier and survivor since his first breath he is used to physical pain. He prides himself with being a die-hard warrior and as the first royal guard of the vampire society of London he already trained a lot of others. The real enemy is the sun. Throwing bullets, wood or sacred materials at him hurts - but only his feelings :wink: The world knows him as the Butcher from London.

(Facts: 1,70m height, green eyes, very dark/black hair, always dressed in the latest fashion, but uses light leather body armor in fights, his hair is cut short at the sides but a little longer on top)

Character form #2

Name: Lord Tristan Blackwood

Powers: Very strong (and fast), no magic but heals even better than Ethan (vampire);

Weapons: A sword and a shield, his fangs only as last instance

Personality: The vibrant aura of a royal leader surrounding him and his marvelous inviting smile. Where Ethan tends to solve problems with violence, he outsmarts them. When he can’t fight with words he will do with his sword and let me tell you, you have better cards when you try to talk your way out. He is fair and understanding, which doesn’t mean he won’t send Ethan after you.

Other: Tristan’s born into a royal family branch also in the middle ages and led the different fighting clans of all vampires in the United Kingdom into a final big battle of the clans while already uniting as much as he could. In the end, the Vampire Society of London as well as peace got established and flourished within his reign. He always wants to stay in control even though his environment does love him as the calm and caring leader. There is even a council he brought to life to test a certain kind of democracy.

(Facts: 1,97m height, deep blue eyes, brown hair, Usually he’d wear a suit but in fights, there will be leather body armor with extra protection for his back, his hair is cut short in times of war, otherwise he has a neck bound ponytail)

Character form #3

Name: Lyall, the Mountain

Powers: Very strong (and fast), no magic but heals fast (vampire);

Weapons: His claws and strong jaw (with fangs)

Personality: Strong sense of justice and does not even think about holding back his opinion unless it’s out of strategical purpose. Generally holds up life as the highest good of all. Always up for a drink and some informal gathering.

Other: Leader of the Beasts (certain pack of vampires that do not drink from humans but only from animals); Due to the fact that he is drinking animal blood for over 250 years now (my now is 1848), his body transformed to a very animalistic appearance. His natural bearing is in a crouch and his fastest running on all fours.

(Facts: fully stretched out 2,20m height, dark eyes that reflect the moonlight, the body is mostly covered in black tight fur-like hair, otherwise he is only wearing loincloth)

Character form #4

Name: Eve Blackwood

Powers: Fast and sneaky (vampire);

Weapons: preferred small dagger, bow and arrow or cross-bow

Personality: Eager to be independent and strong opinions; Mostly she is a happy person and

Other: She likes to poke fun at Ethan a lot and can only do so without getting his rage, because Tristan is her creator. She is in the guards training programme of Ethan and got special lessons to use her shortage of body height to her advantage. With her being little older than 50 she is one of the younger vampires, but got most attention in her training.

(Facts: 1,55m height, light blue eyes, nicely dressed like a lady mostly, but in war times she uses the special uniform of the guards)

Character form #5

Name: Celeste Lavertu

Powers: Seduction (yes the romantic way as well as the poisonous); and of course the basic vampire treats

Weapons: Those of a woman in her best age, talking sweetly and knowing things about you

Personality: Cassy is a witty and beautiful actress (literally) who has set eyes on power and Ethan. Usually she would rather run from every kind of danger that could ruin her hair, but she also likes to stay close to those who have the power.

Other: She is one of Ethan’s informants about gossip and has her connections everywhere. There will always be someone who owns her a favor. While she is always playing games with people around her, she has a good sense for when trouble is around the corner.

(Facts: 1,68m height, always dressed a little over the top, but in war times even she wears trousers and boots)


Aww <3 if it’s any help, I already know yours


@DzenAlex here they are! :slight_smile:


So I’m considering using some characters from Tide. I have sirens, who can essentially mind control people with their voices. It is based on a battle of wills, so the more wary/defiant/etc. the target the more difficult they are to enchant, and the more extreme the request the more difficult (so, say, it’s a lot easier to enchant somebody to walk away from a fight than it is to enchant them to kill themselves.) Too OP or are they good? Because I think they could be fun


Could be pretty amusing


Again, though, just not sure what class they’d be in. 3 of the 5 use a combination of magic and physical fighting, 1 uses magic and speed/stealth, but then there’s Hania who doesn’t have any magic or special abilities at all (at least that would apply to this. Her only ability ties directly to something in their world and isn’t combat-related) and tends to survive based on some basic fighting skill, scrappiness, and sheer willpower


Thank you so much! This looks so amazing!


O.o you’re alive


Warriors, perhaps?


Yeah. My parents surprised me with a camping trip.


@Amethyst_Rain that really sounds like something interesting for Ethan to fight off xD stubborn old donkey has willpower… but no magic. I can imagine this to be not OP at all but rather evened out. Maybe hurting my vamps ears a little but oh my… :slight_smile:


Add a buff/support classification such as a tactician, healer, technician etc.


The classification is for the entire squad. A squad of healers/tacticians would be wiped away without attackers :wink:


Ah I see. Thanks for the clarification!


No problem