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Username: @prosenpoetry

Class: The Fasts

Squad name: The Heartthrob Harpies

Are you willing to share your gmail in PMs so I can set up docs?: Yes.

The Characters

Name: Amores Lovato

Age: 26

Appearance: He is a human with unkempt black hair and blue eyes. He is so handsome that no one is able to point any flaws to his looks or physique. As he dislikes to wear clothes, he only wear his pants, showing his "eye candy" body. However, if the weather is cold, he also wears a thick coat.

Powers: He can make all women and female creatures to fall in love with him. His saliva (I know it’s rather gross) can also cause infatuation on the target. He also can do magic

Weapons: A bow and arrows tainted with either his saliva or a love potion, his wand, and his looks.

Personality: He is kind, loving, and funny, but also can be a ladies’ man at times (before he met Alya). Overall, he is a fun person to be with.

Other: Other than archery, he is also surprisingly good at pulling out pranks and equestrian. He was a war orphan, along with his twin sisters, Gabrielle and Isabelle.

Name: Alya Lovato (nee Barbossa)

Age: 25

Appearance: She is a human witch that has straight red hair and coffee brown eyes. She is one of the most beautiful woman one could met, which makes Alya’s rivals jealous.

Powers: She may not have powers that are like Amores’ or his two twin sisters, but like them, she is also a witch. However, she does have intelligence and agility in her side.

Weapons: Her wand and her broom.

Personality: She is fiery, hot-tempered, and sometimes blunt, but also maternal, nice (when she is not mad), and loyal.

Other: She has the same hair color as her father, whose hair and beard happens to be red.

Name: Gabrielle Lovato

Age: 21

Appearance: She has dark blue eyes and light brown hair. Both she and Isabelle are beautiful.

Powers: She, like Isabelle, has telepathy. She is also can shapeshift, something Isabelle cannot.

Weapons: Her wand and her broom.

Personality: She is mischievous and playful, but also down-to-earth and practical.

Other: She has a younger twin sister named Isabelle and an older brother named Amores. She was a war orphan along with her siblings.

Name: Isabelle Lovato

Age: 21

Appearance: Same like Gabrielle.

Powers: She, like Gabrielle, has telepathy. She is also a master of potions and can summon a guardian spirit to whoever is in danger.

Weapons: Potions, her wand, and her broom.

Personality: She is mischievous and playful too, but she is more of a daydreamer and a flirt.

Other: She has an older twin sister named Gabrielle and an older brother named Amores. No one, except themselves, can correctly tell them apart.

Name: Agnes Lovato

Age: 5

Appearance: She has red hair like her mother, but it is wavy. She also has her father’s blue eyes. She can be described as very cute.

Powers: Because of her father, her saliva has the same properties as his, except that it only works on males. She is also intelligent like her mother.

Weapons: Her wand and her cuteness.

Personality: She is bubbly, cheeky, and loves the outdoors. She also loves being with people and making new friends. She is sometimes naughty though.

Others: She is the daughter of Amores and Alya.

The Mascot

Name: Rowena

Appearance: She is a harpy eagle with two golden, seraphic wings.

Powers: She can grant agility and intelligence to whom she is loyal to.

Weapons: Talons and beaks.

Personality: She is agile, intelligent, and loyal.

Others: She first met the Lovato siblings right after their parents died, and she has been their friend since then.


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Hey, I just saw this and think it’s a great idea, and I’d love to join. I have a character list from my book. Coincidentally its 5. It’s not in the same format as the others, is that okay?


Is there a way to convert it? You can basically copy paste the information on the Arena’s form


Will do, I’ll write that up right now.


Username: Kstag13
Class: Elites
Squad name: Blessed Demigods
Are you willing to share your gmail in PMs so I can set up docs?: Yes

Name: Jake
Powers: Powers of his father, Zeus: Lightning. Blessing of Hephaestus: Fire. Blessing of Apollo: Healing/disease.
Weapons: Two bronze and steel-hybrid rings that turn into scimitars. Golden bow; A gift from Apollo that appears as a bracelet when not in use, and arrows. Back pack with unlimited random stuff in it. (Gift from Hephaestus)
Personality: 20 years old. 6’. Small, muscular build, Radiating an unknown strength. There is a presence around his small stature that sets his enemies, known and unidentified, on edge. Many take this presence as a sign to back off, that it was no small matter to mess with him. His small frame never could, never has, and never will hide his undeniable inner strength. He has a square jaw, and sunken, dark blue eyes, and dirty blonde/brown hair that is somehow always intact. He normally wears a red flannel shirt and blue jeans. (Character description from my book) Otherwise cheerful towards friends. Foes are another matter.
Other: Nothing

Name: Evan
Powers: Powers of his father, Zeus: Storm control. Blessing of Apollo: Healing/disease. Blessing of Athena: Enhanced battle strategy.
Weapons: Crusader sword on his hip. Similar bow as Jake’s, only Evan’s doesn’t conceal as a bracelet.
Personality: 20 years old. 6’2”. Strong, muscular build, broad shoulders, and a square jaw. His facial features seem tough as nails, his outward appearance is unsettling. Until you meet him. He is strong, yet there is always an air of compassion and forgiveness about him. He is the epitome of a gentle giant. He could care less what he is wearing half the time, but many remark that he seems offended by shirts.
Other: Jake’s half brother. (Zeus)

Name: Marcus
Powers: Powers of his father, Hades: Can control and summon the dead, along with controlling the earth and shadow travel (Can teleport anywhere there’s a shadow).
Weapons: Falchion of Stygian iron. Stygian iron is special. It essentially absorbs the soul of whatever it kills. Creepy enough on its own, right?
Personality: 21 years old. 5’11”. His appearance doesn’t match his age, he looks like he should be 19. His small, lean frame allows him unmatched speed and precision to make up for his lack of bulk and strength. No matter what he wears, it’s always black, matching his hair and eyes. Nobody knows a whole lot about this guy, but he has a trustful demeanor.
Other: Watch out.

Name: Emma
Powers: Powers of her father, Poseidon: Can control water. Blessing of Hermes: Enhanced stealth and speed. Blessing of Artemis: Procures bow and arrows out of thin air
Weapons: Two 6 inch daggers, carried on her hips. Also uses a silver bow, similar to Jake and Evan’s, Procured with Artemis’ powers.
Personality: 20 years old. 5’10". Pretty face, dark brown hair, and green eyes. Wears jeans and a t-shirt most of the time, along with her combat boots, always a shiny, well-oiled black. Emma doesn’t trust easily. But many trust her. She always gets the job done, no matter what she needs to do.
Other: None

Name: Leya
Powers: Powers of her mother, Aphrodite: Can charmspeak, or persuade magically if she wants. Blessing of Ares: Enhanced battle when pissed. Blessing of Poseidon: Can control water.
Weapons: Any, but usually uses a teardrop sword.
Personality: 20 years old. 5’8". Gorgeous face, golden blonde hair, and light blue eyes. She never rushes to get dressed, ever the example of perfection of clothing. But that doesn’t mean she won’t get dirty. The amount of tricks she can play, setups she can use, they are uncountable. She appears sweet and harmless, and she is to those whom she likes. If she doesn’t like you, there is only one word that can help you. RUN.
Other: None

Name: Boone
Powers: Gives those who know his past advice, wisdom and courage when needed.
Weapons: A single hunting knife that has been in his family forever. (It has a history of it’s own)
Personality: He used to be lively and cheerful, always lending a hand. Now he’s dead, and doesn’t talk much in his resurrected form.
Other: Used to be Jake’s best friend, Also, He’s just the mascot.