The best writer might be right under your nose



It does Dx


Also once we actually got inside the library we got stares o.o

Go back to studying dun look at me Dx weird stuck up people


Slap all of them


That’s why I no do law Dx


XD honestly I don’t know why they act so superior. The best law library is Bora Laskin.


I meant law school

I don’t think Osgoode is that good


They’re in york not UofT they better chill


UofT is better if you wanna be in law and have rep


I just like how everyone knew immediately that we were not law students


That’s true actually


If I go to law school then I wanna go to Bora Laskin because u of t o.o also I like the name


Maybe the program is really tight knit


Yeah like UofT is stressful but if you’re gonna be a lawyer it’ll be good training on stress control since it’s such a good school

I mean I hate UofT due to it’s elitism but being a lawyer is already on that level so I don’t mind that. Going to UofT for anything nonmedical or nonlawyer is not that smart tho


Yeah the guy who was rude to me apparently went to UofT xD he’s also stuck up

My sister went for the same thing as he did but she doesn’t rub it in everyone’s fucking face. Also, it is very elite. She told me there were a lot of rich people there whose parents just bought their way in and honestly I didn’t even know you could do that o.o they also drove super expensive cars

UofT is great but if I say “I wanna do journalism so I’m gonna go to UofT lol” then I need a slap in the face xD


Oh yeah you can def just buy your way into univerisities

No wonder, I avoided UofT due to the elitism. I made some good friends in my program since the strike because we shrunk significantly


Sugar is on another thread


They were all international students too o.o they drove friggin Alfa Romeos and this was before they had cars for normal people.

XD you guys are the ones that stayed. Imma go see my twin now


okey xD


I’m so confused. I got third place in another user run contest.

I joined for fun since coming back I wanted to learn more about user run contests but I’m confused. It’s a good confused


@RobotAmbassador fortune