The Big Thread On How To Get Reads





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This is comforting and good to remember.


I thought it was an important point to bring up :blush:


“Within your first year”, is that within your first year on Wattpad or the first year that your story is on Wattpad? o.O

Because I’ve been on Wattpad for 7 years even if I wasn’t really active until this time last year and my story has 1k reads after like 4 months… XD (writing this actually reminds me I joined this month - I actually missed my Wattpad anniversary, it was yesterday :’( )


I think it depends for everyone I guess. From what I’ve read with some big users, they were able to gain millions of reads and followers within 1-2 years. Others take time.


I’ve been on WP for 3 years, have 3 accounts, and the one I’ve been using has gone quite well.

Literally one of the stories I had was in the 800s numbers back in October 10th and it took a month for me to finally reach 1K.

My Graphics book, on the other hand, has been piling up in reads more often, now currently at over 4K reads.

Plus, a couple of things with the gaining reads too:

-The first story will not always be big. The story I’m currently working on right now isn’t even my 1st on the account and it’s been slowly racking up reads.

-Winning a Watty. This does help for getting a story popular, especially for a big award such as the Watty. Winning one does increase your readership. However, not ALL Watty winners get big and popular, some of the ones I’ve seen have less than 100K reads or so on their works.

-Hiatuses. Unless your work is complete, the reads will still keep coming. Taking a hiatus from WP is great, but the downside with it is that you’ll lose your readership. Unless you’re a big WP author with hundreds of followers and all, people will still keep reading and voting on your stories.

If it’s the opposite, then that’s when you lose the readers and no one cares about your works. I remember with one of my other accounts I took a break from WP last year in 2017, and I pretty much lost all my readers and such from that account.


Not completely related, but I hope I can ask this! I recently created a second account and have kept them separate for now (I want to get 100 followers on each account before I have them link to each other, so one is not influenced by the other, if that makes sense?) so I was just wondering whether you have your accounts linking to each other or not? (:


I don’t think so, as far as I can remember. I do link my other accounts under Xftg123 and Xftg1232, this 3rd one I’m using, 225lily, I pretty much keep it separate. things. Two of them (Xftg123 and Xftg1232) have 200+ followers, this one I have is currently at 100.

All I know is that it does take time to get a lot on each account.


I mean, it’s hard to get reads if you don’t have a book up. But from what I’ve seen, it’s easier to get reads if you’ve been interacting with the site before uploading (I know people who went from readers to writers and they had a pretty easy time gathering people to read their stories.)

But that’s super subjective and anecdotal so take it with a grain of salt :wink:


That’s true


Sometimes it’s the luck of the draw, other times it can take months or years to reach the fame.

One example I’ve seen is from a big WP author, Claudiaoverhere AKA Claudia Tan. She explained her process on Askfm as to how she got big, her words not mine:

"I used Wattpad as an escape- not to read, but to write. So I did it. I posted Perfect Illusion. It didn’t get a lot of reads at first, but I wasn’t demotivated by it. I just kept writing. And the numbers soon piled up like CRAZY. People liked my book. I guess it’s kinda cliche (at that time I did not think it was because the idea was inspired from somewhere other than on Wattpad) but people liked it because it stood out from all the other arranged-engagement/marriage-themed book. Yes, I took the same plot device. But I did attempt to put my own spin to it. I didn’t let other Wattpad books influence me. I wanted to stand out as much as I could, given the circumstances of a cliche theme.

My followers piled up. It wasn’t much, but it was crazy for me because in about four-five months, I had 2K followers. Then, when I started Perfect Addiction, the followers increased rapidly, particularly in August this year when I participated for the Wattys People’s Choice Award on Twitter. There were more reads, more fans and more followers. I was absolutely amazed.

Like I said, I was lucky. Really lucky. I know people don’t get THAT much recognition in a span of a year. Some people even take several years to get famous. I’m just THAT girl - that one in a thousand. If you plan on getting ‘Wattpad famous’, I assure you, unless you’re one of the lucky ones, it takes a while. But do not be discouraged by it! If you write well and people like what you put out there, you and your books WILL gain the recognition they deserve."

Their have been some users on here who joined between the years of 2015 thru 2017 and ended up becoming successful. Others have to keep doing things such as being in the clubs, making promotions, etc.

Heck, I’ve seen a few large WP authors admit to using the clubs and all plus making friends. It all overall takes time for the stories to grow, heck, completing them definitely helps out too.

Fellow Undiscovered Writers 7

Yep. Reads (even if it includes my own) reached 35k on my watty winner recently. I usually see a spike in activity if I post new content (even though I marked my thing as complete). I’ve been quite silent since I’m working on doing NaNoWriMo (even though I’m way under par).

-Hiatuses. Unless your work is complete, the reads will still keep coming. Taking a hiatus from WP is great, but the downside with it is that you’ll lose your readership. Unless you’re a big WP author with hundreds of followers and all, people will still keep reading and voting on your stories.

Which is why it’s a good idea to have a complete work to post (even if it’s one chapter a week upload) than to write something on the fly. It’s less stressful and gives time to think things through. Sure there are people who can spew out content quickly enough to update every week for the year, but it’s good to take time for yourself and not let the stress of coming up with something just to meet a weekly schedule.




Thank you for all the info! It was very helpful.:smiley_cat:


Now I just have to put it to good use…


Why did I miss this golden nugget?! Nice. Thanks for sharing.:smile:


How can I draw in readers interest by not asking and ONLY reading their work? I put up an ad that I’ll read and comment on the first three chapters in exchange that they do the same on their end. But I feel I’m not doing enough work. :frowning:


It’s a tough one isn’t it?

For me, I’d rather have the read interest be organic and surprise me :slight_smile:

I’ll post the occasional book update announcement, but I try not to over do it and keep the post relevant to the book update.

I aim to be ethical and considerate with readers. Considering, I’m a reader myself. I don’t like the hard sales approach, so would imagine half of my potential readers would be the same.

I think being part of these forums and an active presence might be a start.

I don’t know, I’m still trying to figure out the golden recipe myself. :slight_smile:


I’d honestly recommend doing ALL of the things in this thread and not just some of them. I tried all of the different things and found what worked for me and what I found fun and entertaining.

You can’t read other people’s works just in hopes of them reading yours. You can exchange reads for reads, but from what I’ve personally experienced that doesn’t churn out a whole lot of dedicated readers. Just people looking for reads.