The Big Thread On How To Get Reads





Really? I just was always told that if people see that you read their work that they might read some of yours.


I agree with the R4R. My experience hasn’t been fruitful, but then again I’m not the one asking for them.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




That might happen? But relying on it happening is probably not the best way forward. For example, I read works I wanna read because they sound interesting. I don’t read the works of my readers unless they actually sound interesting. Most of the time, I don’t check out their works - I can’t check out every single profile anymore.

So if you’re going to bigger profiles, you’ll probably get lost in the midst of other readers. Or you’ll find a lot of people like me who don’t choose what to read like that.

Just use the different avenues for promotion. Then you’ll more likely gain an organic fan base, rather than someone who’s just reading your work because you read theirs.

Though, I’d take my advice with a grain of salt. I have heard of people who’ve successfully promoted themselves by reading other people’s works. So honestly, the most important advice is: figure out what works for you.


The few times I did them in the very beginning they didn’t turn out great and they left me with a kind of sour taste in my mouth. I didn’t want to just exchange reads. I wanted actual readers who were invested in my stories. So I honestly didn’t do a whole lot of R4R’s :joy:


That was my experience as well with the one that I had participated in. I decided to not do them after that one experience.

I’ve honestly gained more reads from being active in these forums.

Plus I promote out to other social media avenues. It takes a lot of effort to gain some read interest. That’s a hit-and-miss since you can’t see if external parties show interest in your book other than the view count.

[Edit: I think the suggests here are good. Since people are actually seeing your skills as a writer/reader in general. It helps]


Are you talking about social media like Twitter, Facebook, pintrest, ect.?


Just hanging out in the IYW thread has done wonders for me, before I got featured. Basically all I did was being active as hell on the threads and finding my own little communities to hang out in.


Yep. I promote out to Twitter most. I’ve been able to gain some interest from there. I can only judge this on my impression ratings within Twitter and the view count of my book. Wattpad doesn’t track whether read interest is from external sources.


I’m finding that too. :grin: Also, you get to meet awesome and like-minded people to boot.


Yeesss! I love just interacting with other writers. Probably my absolute favourite aspect of Wattpad :smile:


I’m going to add Patience and Trending to this thread too.

Right now, my story interest is flat. The count hasn’t moved. :pensive:

I’ve done some quick google trend research. Seems there’s a big superhero film being marketed at the moment (Aquaman). My story has to compete with that indirectly. There seems to be a spike of interest in superhero/low fantasy stories at the moment. Good if you have a superhero, dragon or anit-hero character.

So, yeah, there’s a lot to fathom when it comes to read interest.

We’ll get there.


Patience is the last step added by yours truly - because it’s SO important!

And I definitely agree about trend awareness. Definitely. I have nothing to add to that.


My browser was too impatient to see it XD :smile:


Haha, damn browser!


Don’t forget the Wattys! Especially with this year’s, they can also help boost a gain in reads. It mainly applies to!


I was actually considering adding that. I might just go do that now. Even just adding the tag can boost your story.


Not really for me this year, but that was because I entered in too late.

Other than that, it helps.


Done! :smile: