The Big Thread On How To Get Reads



We forgot about the Wattys! Like, that’s the Oscars for Wattpad.XD


And they both have one thing in common: The most popular books win!

Not this year though


Fingers cross they stick with their quality over quantity approach next year as well.


Yeah. And that the same story can’t win twice (looking at you 1D Larry Fanfic)


Covers. People do judge books by them. If your cover is scary then it’s a clear indication that it’s horror. If there’s a hot guy on the cover then there’s bound to be romance. If we’re going minimalist then fonts and colours play a big part.


Still going to say that Twitter and the forums have played a big role, if not two of the biggest rolls. 11,000 reads in five months and currently approaching 800 votes. This is coming from someone who thought and complained about not getting reads when they first started writing.

Of course, editing and having a completed story are extremely beneficial as some readers only read completed works.

I also got added to two official profiles. I’m not really sure yet what role they have played other than being added to two official profiles, but they are achievements that I use to market and promote myself on Twitter.


I mentioned this too. Pollination across social media accounts helps. Ha! There’s my business acumen jargon for the day XD


Is mentioned in the OP. I’m gonna keep other platforms out of this one as this is purely about what you can do on Wattpad.


Improve Your Mining :stuck_out_tongue:


Hah, shit :joy:


Where’s the typo? I can’t for the life of me find it.


@AWFrasier does this help?


Yes definitely! Thanks :smile:


I’m also starting to miss you in the vamp threads


Been slacking off with threads in gen ever since I got back home. Busy busy busy. :honeybee:


Updated the OP with official (amb run) movement and subgenre accounts. Did I miss any? Tell me if you see any missing and I’ll add it.


I’m fairly new here and can figure out many things from context if I see them enough. Though what is the “OP”?


Original Post - sorry I should’ve been clearer :sweat_smile:

(it can also be original poster - which in this thread would be me(


That is not a given.

I write Literary Fiction, Zombie Apocalypse (for Girl Power kicks) and Romantic Suspense - I read everything but NOT what I write so I don’t copy the work of others.

I don’t read horror at all. So doing Read Swaps with Horror writers is out of the question. If I read a Fantasy Adventure, I can’t really expect that author to read my Literary work. Not many women like pg-13 Romantic Suspense - they prefer x-rated Romatica - which I don’t read. (Shrug)

So expecting someone to read your work, unless you’ve talked about a Read Swap isn’t always how it works.


I find that while doing read for reads ins’t the most effective way to get reads, it can sometimes pique someones interest in your books. I typically just read books in the genres that I write, though, because a) those are the genre’s that actually interest me and b) I’ve found that by reading within the genre that I write often times I’ll have authors who also share in interest in that genre (because they write in it) will sometimes check out my book of the same genre.

Honestly, though, I’ve been slacking on my Wattpad reading since reading on the app is horrible with ads and reading online means I have to have my computer.