The Big Thread On How To Get Reads



I have trouble reading the app as well.


It would be easier to read on the app because I can take it more places but the stupid ads get in the way and I don’t have the money or the desire for premium.


What I do is I add the book to my library, come out of Wattpad turn my WiFi off and then turn it back on to comment.


I have LTE so whether I turn my wifi off or not I still have service. It’s too much of a pain to turn it on and off for Wattpad so I just don’t read much on my phone unless I can’t access my computer.


Can a Wattpad writer turn rankings into readership?

Despite only having a few hundred reads, my recently completed novelette just reached the top ranking of #newadult. Now a dozen people have added it to their reading lists and views just passed 1k. :hushed: Which is a lot for me!

Rankings change every week, right? I doubt my novelette will stay in this top spot for long. But while it’s there, is there anything I can do to increase its momentum?

It’s a complete book, with a story that reached its natural conclusion, so I can’t really add more parts. But is there anything else I can do? I feel like there’s an opportunity here that I should take advantage of, strike while the iron is hot.


In terms of ranks: probably not no. They hardly ever work as they should and they rarely mean anything unless you rank in the top 50 of the core genres. (Fantasy, Romance, Horror etc.)

What you can do is pretty much everything mentioned in the first post. Promote. Get your story out there and make sure more readers knows you exist :slight_smile:


I don’t know if this is really in the intended scope of the thread, but I’m asking anyway.

What’s the best move for trying to get more critical reads? Not just reads for reads sake, but honest eyes across an entire novel? Eyes attached to fingers willing to tell me exactly where my novel goes astray.

I’m in a few groups, but I find the feedback is always very quantity or quality. With most smaller book clubs I’ll get tons of comments, always vague, and never really all that useful. Or you can join one like #NBR which will give you A+ feedback, but you’ll only get that feedback on 1 chapter (or 2600 words) every few months.

I’ve also had no luck trying to get beta-readers from the community section of it here, and only minimal success on goodreads for a short work of mine.

So does anyone know the best way to get a decent amount of constructive reads on Wattpad? Especially for a fairly long novel (134k)?


You should check out this project:

Combining that their tag on my novels alongside an intro chapter that makes it very clear that I’m 100% up for critique and won’t attack people who try to help me out has given me some super unsolicited critics.

I can highly recommend it!

Also, try #story-services:beta-readers-needed and #story-services:critiques-and-feedback - there might be someone who’ll be willing to do a critique exchange with you where you both read each other’s entire book and offer feedback.


The tag looks promising. I think I might give it a try.

You might also be right that the only way I might find beta-readers is through a reciprocal agreement. I’ll have to look into it.


Good luck! :smile:


That looks really cool but the profile says

and idk if it counts that I delete comments like “you misspelled XYZ” after I fix the spelling because they just clutter up the comments if they are no longer applicable.


Don’t inline comments get sunk down to the bottom of the page, and thus out of sight, once you edit that particular paragraph though?


Clutter more in the “I have OCD” kind of way. Like if I fixed “spagetti” so it now is “spaghetti” it makes me super uncomfy in the brainpan to have a comment saying “You misspelled spaghetti” sitting on my story.

You can still see sunk comments all if you go to the comments at the bottom.


Aw, foo.

Okay, I’ll add that tag and apply to their club.

Honestly, my original motive for joining Wattpad was to get more critique than if I’d simply shared a Google Doc with some friends. And by that standard, I succeeded. But there’s a competitive aspect to Wattpad too, and I think it’s starting to affect me.


As far as I know, the project is more about not deleting comments that are critical. As in “Your plot could use a little redoing and here’s how to do it…”

So it’s more to combat authors who freak out over actual good critiques. I’ll for example, delete racist, homophobic or other discriminatory comments. I don’t wanna entertain that shit on my books and offer a platform for that.

Check out their “How To Receive Feedback” book - I think that goes a little more in depth with what they’re trying to achieve.


Second question: After my story stumbled to the top of #newadult, multiple fake profiles added it to their reading lists. What’s the point of that?

At least, I think these profiles are fake: two days old, no works nor followers, and the rest of their reading lists are the stories right below mine in #newadult. Fairly bot-like behavior.


Sounds like your book is being suggested to new accounts. That happens when it crawls further up the algorithm, I think. Happens to me too. I don’t think they’re fake - I think they’re just new users navigating the site and finding stuff to read. The vast majority of the users on Wattpad are silent readers. So they won’t have any other activity but adding books to reading lists - they treat it like the Kindle book store, except everything here is free! :slight_smile:


Oh, I can live with that. :smiley:


Just wait until you get hour old accounts following you :joy: I was so confused for the longest time about how the hell they even found me.


It’s also a strange feeling when you get random reads from unexpected countries, especially when they vote on it in big randomly spaced bursts.