The Big Thread On How To Get Reads



I had a big burst from Zimbabwe the other day. I was very pleasantly surprised! :sparkles:


Actually, I saw that in action when a person who read my self-published story joined to read my works at first. All they did was read. I didn’t see any other activity on their feeds but adding books to their library. Their account’s gone awol. Don’t know if they changed to another one. Haven’t heard from them again. :pensive:


Well, now the rankings have refreshed again and my story is back to obscurity. That was fun while it lasted. Kinda validating to get over a thousand reads.


Mine went backwards. Like WP slung my story in DeLorean and sent it back to a forgotten time :sob:
At least my positioning is realistic :flushed:

Actually, taking a time travel ride in a DeLorean will be fun. :thinking:

[Edit: Woah did my reply just get schwooped into a time machine as well :flushed:]


Yeah, honestly that high ranking in a big category felt like a glitch! I mean, I can look at the timing and guess why it happened (a small glut of followers read the story right after I announced it was complete), but it still surprised me.

That said, my main purpose for posting on Wattpad was to trade critique, and I got that from people I met in these forums long before the story had many reads. Nor did the high ranking get me any new feedback, just book adds from the silent reader majority. So while I’m amused at my fleeting Wattpad fame, I’m skeptical of its value.


I agree. I do have fun with rankings, but they can screw around with my brain as I try to figure out why. Reads and verbatim are more important to me.


Honestly, just stop paying attention to them. In my experience they mean very little. It’s better to rely on other avenues of getting your work out than the hot lists. (Mostly because the hot lists are ridiculously hard to find for readers)


Days ago, I had an uplift to #2 in one of the sub-categories. I was feeling pretty good. Yesterday, it dropped to #82. I thought: "Whaaaaat?" Thanks for helping me understand what might have happened.

Also, I’m going to suggest a change to the conventional wisdom (unless I misunderstood the original post). In September, I offered a review service with no reciprocity, i.e., it was free.

One major benefit I found was that I was reading stories from genres I thought I would have never read.

For example, I had never read a werewolf story before, and now I have three chapters of one done. *

So, I’d suggest not “staying in your lane” might be a benefit to how and what you write.

*(If the above sentence is seen as self-promotion, simply let me know, and I will edit it out.)


Can you quote which part of the original thread you think should be edited? (it’s massive and hard to navigate at this point, so be as specific as possible :smile:)


I didn’t remember correctly, to the point of thinking the opposite of what was written in the original post.

My very bad.

Offer Something of Your Own;
Do you have skill that others would “pay” you to perform? Do you make covers, trailers, draw, edit, or want to be a Beta Reader yourself?

You can offer any skill with the payment being to read and comment on your story. This is a great way of gaining reads, as you are essentially forcing people to check out your book in exchange for your services. that sounded bad but I swear it’s not

Just keep in mind how much effort this will be on your part, as you must provide the service and that is a time-consuming process.

Again, I’ll just reiterate my more general point: even if you don’t want to force people to read your book out of reciprocity, sometimes just reading things out of your favorite genres might help you as a writer.


I will definitely add something along those lines. I wholeheartedly agree :smile:


Thank you very much for the tips! It’s very helpful!


Well done you. I’m finding that reads explode when someone adds your work to their reading list. I’ve just had 500 reads in 24 hours on one of mine. I’m pretty much aghast, to be honest. Once the reading lists get going, the whole thing just seems to gain it’s own momentum.


this is really helpul, thanks <3


Great tips! Thank you!!




@AWFrasier; Hello dearie! I actually just made a new account after a long hiatus due to medical and family reason. Long story short, I just found this thread with my new account and am very excited you kept it alive! I logged into my old one to let you know how much I appreciate it and that I don’t want it or anything, it looks great and you are probably the best person to take care of it. Thank you! Lots of Love - Scripturite


Hi, long time no see! Amazing to have you back! And thank you for the kind words and for making the original thread. It’s been well-used here too as it was on the old threads :smile:

Reach out with your new account! I’d love to see what you’re up to these days :sparkles:


I applied (twice) to the reading list of some official accounts and so far, I’ve been accepted into one. Do they need a specific criteria such as amount of reads, followers, etc?

How long do you think they take to respond?


The only criteria is that your story is good and has good grammar/spelling etc.

It honestly depends. Some profiles are super busy and get a lot of applications, while other profiles aren’t as busy. Just be patient :slight_smile: