The Big Thread On How To Get Reads



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Hey I just messaged you by PM if you’re free and interested maybe we could chat about our works? :smile:


contrary to this, saturdays are the absolute worst days to update your story - user traffic is at its lowest at this point, and by then the algorithm has already gone through its paces in north america, where the majority of wattpad’s readers will come from (limjoco, 2015)

if you aren’t in north america, adjust your expectations accordingly, so if you’re in australia or new zealand, updating on a saturday morning is optimal, as it is friday everywhere else


It’s Sunday night :frowning: tired and editing my book NON-STOP. I just uploaded the prequel of the book I plan on just uploading new chapters on Sunday’s.


depending on where you are in the world, if you want your book to be noticed in the ranking system, friday is the day to do it my dude


Personally I don’t see any changes in which days I update - only the time. If I update during my daytime, it takes hours before my readers tune in. If I update in the middle of my night, within minutes they tune in.

So like the rest of that bit said:


it’s more of a long-term effect on new readership. the days you update dictate how high your book stands in the rankings, and the higher you are up there, the more new readers you’ll get (in theory)

for pre-existing, loyal readers, time is a bigger factor, yes


Thanks I’ll do it this Friday as I’m looking for attention to my works! :open_mouth:


Even when I didn’t have readership it didn’t really matter? (But I also attract binge readers so the books are pretty much stagnant while I update.)

Anyways, I’ll leave it as is as that part was part of the original thread. It might be Saturday in my country while it’s Friday in another (like it’s Monday here now - in 7 minutes)


hmm, weird


what do y’all think makes a story desirable? Is it more of the character or plot development (or both)? I feel like it’s so easy to mess one aspect up and in turn that makes a story almost unreadable. Any tips for making compelling characters and storylines?


Read, read, read. Read the genre you’re writing and read outside of your genre too. See what works for other people and what doesn’t work. And then learn from those books.

And in terms of plot vs. character it depends on whether it’s a plot driven story or a character driven one. Personally I’m more of a character-driven writer and reader so I’ll take characters over plot - but if the plot is super bad, there’s no amount of good character writing that’ll keep me there. But I can excuse a less than amazing plot as long as the characters are on point.


This is amazing advice, thank you! I like what you’re saying about reading stories across different genres, I feel like that would really provide a lot of insights for how to develop characters and change storylines.

I agree with you about characters! There’s no story without substantive people behind it


Exactly! I like to read everything from non-fiction memoirs to High Fantasy. It gives you a good all-around feeling and you won’t get trapped with just knowing what’s happening in one genre. You can also pull in tropes from other genres and mix them! Play around with it all :smile:



and here I heard that Mondays were the worst!


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Holy sh*t! My legal name is almost the same “Meaghan” :open_mouth: