The Big Thread On How To Get Reads



There is a book I have that I want people to read.


Follow the advice in the top post and you’ll have a big chance of getting people to read it! :sparkles: k


Now there was a YA story that was so bad because the protagonist’s love dies after the bad guy (his vampire brother that turned him into one years after he killed their mother) I cried for a good 1-2 weeks. it’s called “The Silver Kiss” it’s great but there’s never always a happy ending, ya know? :open_mouth:



Seriouly i dont get the idea of making multiple profiles?


Has anyone brought up ways to gain attention for your work(s) from aside the sharing clubs and offering to critique their work(s) in exchange they do the same for you? I’m doing the same plus updating my work(s) every Friday because most people here on Wattpad usually go on after they get out of school or even if they get off from work and are free on weekends.



Also the entire original thread is about different avenues of how to gain reads.




what do y’all think really makes something popular here? I’m blown away that there are stories with millions of reads when mine has a little over 100…I’m just so curious on what really makes those stories so appealing


Time. Getting featured at the right time and luck. And finishing it.

Most of the books that have millions of reads have been on the site for years and they’ve probably gotten featured.

And then there’s the luck factor.

And them being exactly what the readers want goes without saying.


and here I am happy with my 200 something reads…:rofl:


I felt proud when I reached 100. lol


Can’t rush perfection take your time mold the masterpiece right fame isn’t achieved over night in time you’ll reach your right audience


well, looks like I’m not the only one who’d danced around when it hit 100 reads too, lol.


yeah i did a nice little jig


wow,let me try!


I had around 150 reads in one day, and now I’ve gone about 4 days with a little over 10 reads. Huh?


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Requesting services here is not allowed. I’m going to have to remove your comment.

If you need critics you can find them here: #story-services:critiques-and-feedback

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Wattpad has some fabulous resources that many places will charge hundreds to thousands of dollars. Writers are lucky to have a site like Wattpad.


This was really helpful! Thank you!