The Birthday Thread!



Feel free to wish other forum users a happy birthday!

To see whose birthday it is this month, click here.

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@dianaawinters and @ashycloudy Happy birthday to ya’ll :smiley: (sorry for tagging. If I shouldn’t then let me know :eyes:)


I actually needed this I wished them happy birthday on their board tho lol


Thanks!!! :grin:


I’ve actually been doing that since I first saw that cakeday thingo :joy:


Happy birthday Brianna! @BriannaRoseC


Thank you. I appreciate it.


no worries now that I know you are here I can sing!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday Happy birthday
Happy birthday to Brianna

How is your birthday going so far?


It is going good. Thank you for asking and singing. I am joyous and i plan on writing some since I really enjoy writing a certain story of mine. I am 21 now and tjat means i can go to 21+ concerts and sit at the bar an less like have to wait for a table to get food if I am hungry.


Happy 21st birthday ^-^ good luck writing

Don’t go drinking alot on your birthday you wouldn’t want to wake up with a headache


Thank you. Also definitely don’t want a headache. :joy:


:joy: I wouldn’t keep you here for a long while enjoy your day!


It’s okay. Thank you though.


Aww, thank you so much!! :slight_smile:


I wish there was a thread like this, last month


Happy belated birthday Haifa :heart:


Thank you! :heart:


you’re welcome ^-^


@BriannaRoseC Today is your birthday! :smiley:

(Oh great, I’m being birthday human bot again :joy: It’s a inside joke)


Thank you.