The Birthday Thread!



5’2? I thought we would be same height :joy:


nope mama is taller


Gonna be honest. That is the first time I’m taller than someone XD


@RedKitten13 @ACOMAFtrash12 @JustAnEmoji @lookmeintheface @LaniToaster @FayeLeePNash @Midwindyplayzzz Happy birthday! :smiley: Toast party maybe? If LaniToaster agrees…


All of these names can plan the party *o*


And there’s THE toaster :joy: #FreeToast!


@Phaetion @MichaelStValentine @taraWritesSci @_OXIDADA @Astupitown @dreamawayforever12 @OswaldJeriax @ConcealedCrashes @dayandnight122 @AllBlueSkies @bergente @sedestress Happy birthday! :smiley:




Thank you! :hugs:


@ElmiraNight @bodaciouslove @Chijanamu @JslcgBA @FoundAquarius @DaggerWolve @Anim3mez @michellewrites @vampire-sunday @willianemoreira @Vitiyala_Esposito Happy birthday! :smiley:

(I just missed yesterday’s birthday OTL)


I’m 23 now wtf


@death_by_fanfic @_Ratchet @hayakiu @erialcbm @_life_succs_454 @lucy1810331 @MINYOONGI (some reason it’s not showing up? Even - doesn’t work) @Complicated_Rose @carmincastillo @Rea_Rain @DiapheraPrima Happy birthday! :smiley:


thank you :heart::heart::heart:


Late but thx I’m 13 now


Haven’t been on here in a while but thank you very much, that’s very sweet :smiley:


thank you so much, I was so busy, I saw it now, <3


I’m a little late, but thank you so much<3


@ebba-the-storyteller @whatever00bleh @Neon_StarLights @user17320875 @sombodee @Wayoffwriter43 @hyperionlevelq @therinamartins @aquapink86 @Zaid316 Happy birthday :smiley:


Thanks a lot.


@KaylaWinchester @sky_is_limit @sakuryox @xhan27 @Samika106 @thatbraziliangirl @TheChosenDarkness @fanfic_66 @Nettenettenet @danikajsequeira Happy birthday! :smiley: