The Birthday Thread!



Extremely late! (by 10 days), but thank you so much!


Seriously, is this the power of Venus/Aphrodite? :rofl:

@SurroundMe @NamiarTopit @sunbxrst @Bluechan019 @moonlightdragondc @Skittolate @Theora @AzraSierra @gaycaterpillars (Ooh, love the name!) @MatthewMooreSR @suntemple @Viick_Isabella @catfaceshirt Happy birthday! :smiley:


omg thank you so muuch :smiley:
I didn’t know there was a thread for this haha


@castlequeen2004 @BaguetteLauncher @_huckleberry @UnintentionalFlexin @ClearLightNarratives @saeglopur @DanielleKazemi @VinylScratch2256 @Carrison_18 @olga_godim @sweetmemmo @a-standall @The_Wild_Writer @AceUndertalefox @emerrill1211 @MeeraTheJungleGirl @girlbehindstories Happy birthday! :smiley:

Phew! :joy:


joyeux anniversaire, all! (even if the post was late)


Happy birthday everyone


thank… but… why are strangers give me birthday wish???


Just only and it is on your Cakeday so…


@youngvaliant @katelynmwhite @HisParanoia @_Nenny_N @lipsa2000 @rum_and_cola Happy birthday! :smiley:


@WHY_YODA8 @humorously @DeliaMaguire6 @twirlingwands1 @Zargon_King @midsummerdaze @MeZaen @XKiratoX @valarianaval @Melinda_Reed20 @Indicaclouds @littleskunk24 Happy birthday! :smiley:


Thank you


Happy Birthday @WHY_YODA8


@summerincarnated @onceking @MadameMoche @LostSoul841 (I know already said but twice doesn’t hurt XD) @Sheena162002 @StayPure @Leenss7 @April_Parr @IllicitImagination @pinklover237 @KaraMon-El @kotonamichan @Somerschool @AbyssalSoul @ValkiriaRolf Happy birthday! :smiley:





thank you!!! <3


Thank you :smiley:


@NoriDeeAnimefreak @odysee_rainbow @MirandaRuzinsky7 @DevilsPeony Happy birthday! :smiley:


Thanks! Although it was a blizzard out, my 18th was something I couldn’t regret. haha


@imaginegirldbz @lilyfanfiction @WinterMidnight44 @skyvulcan @AestheticEnough @Aria_Glenrose (why isn’t it working?) @SummerAura @idkhbtfmj @teaskull @LizetteRivera1 @MiniRowan Happy birthday! :smiley:


I’m so sorry I missed this. :sob: Thank you so much!