The Birthday Thread!



Happy belated birthday! <3


Thank you!! :star_struck::heartpulse:




@LightenTheShadows (ooh, it’s your birthday! :heart_eyes:) @queen_of_sass @MissJina @monica23031 @CarinaHelix @Asreal07 @Gamergirlwriting @_another_writer_07 @xpisces_risingx @artwiths Happy birthday! :smiley:


It was on Cakeday so I figured why not XD (plus I was a human birthday bot in slack. There’s a story but all in the past)


Happy birthday to everyone! I hope all of your birthdays are wonderful and all your wishes come true! :sparkles: :sparkler: :blush: :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :partying_face:

@LightenTheShadows @queen_of_sass @MissJina @monica23031 @CarinaHelix @Asreal07 @Gamergirlwriting @_another_writer_07 @xpisces_risingx @artwiths



Thanks for the thought anyway I guess.


Happy birthday Alicia @AliciaM21 :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday


@Nablai @_Stars-Aligned Awh, thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:

Also, happy birthday to @Lajolie_Amelie @pjo12fan @khadijaZdadoo @_bikramjeet @Themasterofcards @disturbs @Dhwanni @Wordsofsass @Eunicecorn22 @marinaserina15 @kathleenblooms @rosalinnita @ConnieShipley0 :partying_face::hugs:


NP <3


thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you!!! :))


I’m a little late but thank you! :blush:


A little late but thank you so much! :heart:


THANK YOU @Angelic_Vamp for bday wish!!


@FrankieThread @writeshiek33 @Kythrala @fantazy0fanatic @nebula_starlight @BobbyKrniawn @RenaBailey @teresatapia2016 @seyachowdhury Happy birthday! :smiley:


thanks you :grin::orange_heart:


Thanks :smile_cat:


I hope when my birthday comes, someone would remember it