The Birthday Thread!



I’ll try to get yours :hugs:

@Chaunalea @lxrnx @AugustineReverie @manna2223 @xKitty13 @Rilicular @DAlanBonn @Valancet @mszame @AlexKollar @ShellBooks @janaMay1994 @VSSantoni Happy birthday! :smiley:


@shadowsettle Happy Birthday! again XD :smiley:


Aw, thanks so much :heart:




Thank you! I didn’t realize how many people shared my birthday! lol


Thank you


Many birthdays happened when I was away… And some of people I know as well

Happy birthday to my wattpad friends! If I tag one by one I’m sure I’ll be missing some people :joy:


This is the first time Ive seen what I see above someone’s post

Welcome back mszame!


@AugustineReverie happy birthday dude!


You should have seen Feb. Many babies equal many love around :rofl:


I guess people were enjoying themselves on Valentine’s Day lol


@shadowsettle @stormborn676 @Eternalautumnfire @KateKarlLanier @sigournay @goldenhues @thatonegirlashton @quidmitch @eabetts @Wichitas @lemonteas @MissDepressing @jerisanti @TaylorBrooke018 @_En Happy birthday! :smiley:


@shadowsettle happy birthday dude!


Netflix and chill :smirk: :joy: Sorry


Nah it’s cool. A different form of chilling though :smirk:


Ooh I saw I saw some of my friends birthdays were around that time one being in your valentine comment :joy:


@shadowsettle happy birthday shadow!


@IamLaureate @CC_iz_ShapeShifter @Limejackson @Babyxmahal @Writer_Girl31307 @Yuunya @TwistedFoxy45 @sgtollius @spacetodream @JiCarooYong @ShiroUsagui_OwO @LenkaLB Happy birthday! :smiley:


@IamLaureate happy birthday girl!


Thank you!!!