The Blithe Awards | 2019


Hello! I’d like to say thank you for stopping by this thread. As the host of these awards, I’m creating this thread to promote them a bit, and it may help you out!

HOSTED ON @ElysianCommunity
Link to profile:

Name: The Blithe Awards | 2019

Purpose: To help writers get discovered and provide some helpful feedback along the way

Places: So far, there will be an overall first, second, and third place winner. It is possible to have a two-way tie for these places.

Prize Examples: Stickers, custom covers / story art, interviews, in-depth critique on part of the winning story, follows.

For Participants: There will be a participant’s sticker provided. Adding to this, all who enter will receive a review on their story by the end of the awards competition.

There is a calendar of events that says when certain sections open or close in the book. On top of needing participants, we also need judges! If you’re interested in that, there’s information in the book as well. For forms, please read everything leading up to them carefully because there are passwords.

Find out more in this book:


Hi! Can I ask something? What preferred languages are allowed to be in this awards?


Sounds interesting!


Hey, just a heads up, the book isn’t showing up on Wattpad. I’ve tried both the book title and the community name and cannot find it anywhere. You may want to drop a link or something to your WP page so that people can find the contest :slight_smile:


It’s on ElysianCommunity - I found it. Do you want me to send you the link?
Edit: I tagged you.


It’s English only because due to the system of judging, all judges need to be able to speak the language all books are written in. :slight_smile:


I couldn’t get the links to work, i’m trying lol. Wattpad is being a messssss. Thanks for the heads up!

The link to the profile is now posted.



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Just out of curiosity, what is the purpose of tagging the three active users? I am newer here and I’m not sure that I feel comfortable randomly tagging acquaintances.

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To let other people know about it, If you’re new then don’t worry about it.

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New category introduced to TBAs!

People’s Choice


Still accepting :nerd_face:


Beep bop


Hey, so i can do this now. Still open!.

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Sounds like fun! I entered my form. Good lunch to all people participating!

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thank you! when i get the chance to login to that account, i’ll accept your entry :heart:

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Still open :slight_smile:


Prizes are being posted today and the timeline has been extended! Be sure to check it out.


Prizes are up!


Stickers are being revealed today! At least the theme will be.