The Chick Lit/Rom-Com Nest


WELCOME to the Nest. The Chick Lit Nest, that is. We are a collaborative writing group who read, discuss, comment, and critique (gently) each others’ stories on our group profile @ChickLit_Nest.

Here we invite you to discuss Chick Lit and Romantic Comedy, the writing craft, and the publishing industry, as well as issues that are important to our heroines–career, jobs, school, family, shopping, makeup, fashion, relationships, fears, flaws, joys, ice cream, and more.

We are a group of writers and readers who love Chick Lit (aka Women’s and Romance Fiction with a sassy, lighthearted, funny tone) and welcome others to connect with us here in the forums!

While you are here:

  1. treat others the way you want to be treated
  2. play nice
  3. stay on topic
  4. have fun!

@Dammi_writess- Dammi


Hey Chick Lit Peeps! Hope you all are having a great Tuesday!

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Hi! Thank you, thank you for not leaving me alone in the room, my whistling echoing off the cavernous walls, haha! Are you writing today?

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I finished edits on one chapter of Tabloid and am writing a new one. I’ve actually felt pretty accomplished with it today. Are you writing anything fun?

I need to get to my characters sheets for my upcoming book…but so far I’ve been working my butt off on getting the Chick Lit Nest up and running!

I’m scared to start writing the new book. Does that ever happen to you? The other full-length books I wrote on here started out as whims. I didn’t plan them ahead of time. Of course, that led to me having to write myself out of some corners. This time I want a roadmap so I can not be in a panic.

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To everyone in the group: We need to read and comment on the books in the Fledgling list! Let’s get this party started. I’m going to read at least one chapter of every book in the list every day until I get caught up. But I also need to get some writing done!

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I have a few notebooks. When lightning strikes with an idea I jot down as much detail as I can while its flowing. I try to outline the first few chapters but when I really get started I let the characters and story take me where it will. If I plan too much I don’t feel like I can be as creative. I feel too boxed in.

yay I’m super excited. I"m starting my reading tonight.

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I will do my darnedest to get started reading ASAP but I am a reviewer for a few books coming out on Tuesday and need to finish those first.

I get that. I usually get started and THEN realize I need an outline about halfway through. This time, I’m being proactively organized, lol.

Cool! I will check out your review blog. How did you get started with that? I have a hard time reading and writing, let along writing about my reading, haha.

IMPORTANT: Also, remember to follow each other, too, as well as the group profile.


I was just about to mention that too

Oh and hi everyone!:hugs:


Waving!!! This is so exciting.


I’ve been a review blogger for about 6 yrs now. I was reading so much I wanted to do something with my thoughts about books I’ve read. I’ve only started seriously writing my own stuff that last couple years. It has been tough though due to raising a soon to be eight year old on my own. I definitely get mom brain on more than one occasion.

What’s y’alls definitions of chick lit. I’d always thought of it as a story based on female protagonist and her trials and tribulations. Had never thought of it terms of age? Do you put an age limit on it? There’s an opinion that it’s only stories about women between the ages of 20-40.


I have an idea. What about we also shower it with comments and feedback.

Well, I think most of the book-holics lie between this age. In this age, people have more interest.

Yeah, I agree. After high school is where the real action begins.


This is the banner I wanted you all to see

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