The Chuck Taylors (A Writer Networking Space) #2


Welcome to The Chuck Taylors (a writer networking space.) This is a space to trade and share information on craft and marketing. It doesn’t matter where you are on your writing journey, we’re all here to support and help each other grow. Topics usually concern but are not limited to the following:

  • Self/Indie, Hybrid, and Traditional publishing.
  • The writing process.
  • Craft.
  • Networking.
  • Querying.
  • Taking/signing contracts.
  • Building an audience.
  • Serialising and content monetization.
  • Adaptations.

Don’t be afraid to hop in! It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your writing journey.

Introduce yourself

  1. Name/Nickname:
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  3. Genres you write:
  4. Where you plan to take your writing journey:

Also, take a look at the #4 post to check the topic for the day if you’d like to jump-start a conversation.


  • This is a focused discussion thread, please try and stay on topic. If you’re new, try introducing yourself, replying to the daily topic, or squeezing your voice into a current conversation after introducing yourself!
  • As per the rules of the Improve your writing section, asking for critiques, mentoring or feedback is not allowed on this thread. It is a thread for craft, networking, and marketing discussions. You can go here if you’re looking for someone to give you feedback. I will have to ask repeat offenders to leave, or I will have to report them to a mod.
  • This thread is not for excessive venting or complaining. If you would like a space to do that, go here.
  • This thread is inclusive. There will be marginalized authors who will speak about their marginalization. This is a safe place to do so and I would like to ask people to refrain from posting comments that are hateful/discriminatory in nature. If discussions like this upset you or make you uncomfortable, please refrain from engaging here.
  • We understand that some people would just like to lurk and read (and that’s okay!), but we ask that they should understand how jarring it is to hop into conversations like they know people. You might know people from lurking, but they don’t know you and we do want to get to know you. So please introduce yourself!
  • A reminder that this is a public space and that people see what you post here. This is quite a visible thread. Only post things you would not be ashamed of defending later.
  • A lot of wattpad stars, industry insiders and popular writers post on this thread, yes, but it’s for anyone regardless of their position in their writing journey. We just ask that you respect this space for what it is: one for discussing craft and marketing. Though, if you have specific questions for these users, feel free to ask them.
  • Be excellent to each other! Collaboration, not competition, is what makes writers strong.

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On Writing

Serialized Fiction

Thoughts on Writing Serials.

Writing Guides

KR’s Punk Rock Novel Planning Workbook.
Cal’s Novel Planner.—Writing.
Links and Resources for Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers.
Writing With Color.
Reference For Writers.
Janice Hardy’s Revision Workshop.
Books on Writing.
Novel Writing Bootcamp: a ten part guide + book on novel writing.
Character Creation System.

World Building Help

N.K. Jemisin’s master class in world building | The Ezra Klein Show.
GROWING YOUR ICEBERG: Crafting a Secondary World That Feels Ancient in 60 Minutes (or less) By N. K. Jemisin.
Eating Your Way to Better Worldbuilding.

Pep talk

Sometimes It’s Okay To Quit Writing The Thing You’re Writing.
The Story About The Story: Or, How Writers Talk About Their Books.

On Querying

Writing A Query Letter

How To Write Query Letters.—Querying.
Manuscript Wishlist Compilation From Agents.

Synopsis Help

How to write a 1-page synopsis.


Self-Rejection: What It Is, Why You Do It, And How To Eject Its Ass Out The Airlock.

On Marketing/Branding

Articles On Book Covers

Book cover clichés: why using them will actually help you sell more books.
5 Guidelines Can Help Your Book Cover Design Pass The 7-Second Test.
Book Cover Design Mastery.

Sites For Creating Book Covers And Promo Graphics

Adobe Spark
The 3D Book Mockup Creator You’ll Love To Use.
Inkarnate - Create Fantasy Maps Online.
Diverse Stock Photos

Branding Help

Brand Stylesheet.—Branding.
MixtusMedia Tips.

On Editing/Revision

Well-storied Editing Help.
Critique Circle.
Eight Awesome Steps To Revising Your Novel.
Self-Editing Checklist.
Janice Hardy’s Revision Workshop.

On Organization


Free Twitter Post Scheduling Tools.
Social Media Planner, by Jandra Sutton.

Keeping Track Of Goals And Creating Check Lists

Trello (for check lists and bulletin Broads.)
Mindmeister (for check lists and bulletin boards.)
Online Writing Log (keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly word count.)

Link Shorteners


On Adaptations


Comic Creator Resources.
Team Up With An Artist.




Traditional Publishing

Hybrid Publishing

Hybrid publishing with brooke warner.

Indie/Self Publishing

Ten Business Models for Indie Authors.
Encore Opinion: Why Author Income Should Be A Measure of Publishing Success.
Best and Worst Self-Publishing Services Reviewed & Rated by the Alliance of Independent Authors

Web Serialization

Wattpad Related

Wattpad Guides For the Newbie, Or Just Those Looking For New Tips

The Big Thread On How To Get Reads
Prisimpad: A Guide to Wattpad, Writing, and Whatever.
Wattpad Writer Resources.

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ThatCalamity: Writing (Stocked with people in publishing to follow.)
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10 Twitter hashtags for writers.
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Writing Advice

Books And Articles

How To Kill Your Writer’s Block With Tarot Cards.
WRITING HELP: How To Show, Not Tell.
10 Traps To Avoid As A New Author.
Writer’s Treasure Chest (A Comprehensive Guide From Idea to Bookshelf.)
How to Get Your Characters Right (Especially When They Aren’t Like You.)

YouTube Channels

Hello Future Me
Alexa Donne
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Natalia Leigh
Heart Breathings


Writing Excuses.
But Is It Write?
Novel Tea Show.

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The Basics of Building a Writer’s Platform.
Author Platform Basics | iWriterly.



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Update Schedules
Social Media Post Schedules
Book Launch Schedule

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Novel to Comic
Novel to Audio Book
Novel to Game
Novel to Media Story
Novel to Text Story
Novel to Play



Everyday there’s a new topic. Check this post to keep track of the conversation, or look at the schedule for the coming week.

Conversation Schedule, (JUNE)

It’s pride month. We’re talking pride, LGBT+ inclusion in publishing and writing, and nuance. If you’re here to ask 101 questions centering yourself as a non-LGBT+ person and how you feel, please click off this thread and make your own thread for you question.



Add your name to the list to track a goal!

  • CeeMTaylor: Finish Ruthless Rivers and write a novella by April!
  • Lana Jo King: Finish Red Electron Media by February Completed [1.18.20]
  • Cal Black: Finish Stormy Skies and Among the Trees by Aug 2020
  • Luli: Finish Any Way The Wind Blows by February 1, 2020
  • Wren Arrior (@astrophile): Finish Quiet Hunt
  • Laila: finish the Nefarious trilogy, participate in ONC, revise Heinous pitch and start writing
  • Olivia: write entire ONC draft before posting; learn to outline
  • Pride/LDJ: Finish The Blood Wolves by Feb 2020. Start writing chapters for Henri Beck & the Hidden Library by the end of Jan 2020.
  • Bri (houseofmirrors) finish first draft of Siren
  • Indigo(sa): Participate in ONC. Finish Ego’s Trap.
  • August (SmokeAndOranges): Finish & edit SOS series by end-2020, finish I See Fire by Watty season, win ONC (; (Kidding, kidding. Not)
  • Lea (prosenpoetry): Start and Finish Checkmate (short story spin-off) and Memories (sequel to Buttercup, Finish Deja Vu (poetry book), Participate in ONC.
  • Nab (Nablai): Complete Infinity (poetry collection) and apply it for featuing, complete first draft of From Me To You, [participate in more contests and write more flash fictions, participate in ONC.
  • Tanya (@EveryNextDream): Finish current WIP (title to be decided) and start posting it on Wattpad by June 2020. Completed, started posting 19th March 2020
  • Veronica (veronicapurcell3) - New goal to finish gay CEO romance by 31st Oct 2020.
  • Liz (clizbethh) - finish An Experiment in Escape by August
    Gracie (HeartfullyYours)-Finish Metamorphosis and get Stars Beneath The Sea up on WP before I start college.
  • Julia (julialundstrom) - Finish writing Daydreams And Nightshade and the rewrites of the TMOE trilogy before the year is over.
  • Olive (OliveST)- Finish new book Beetles and editing Vickers by April
  • Lana Jo King - A full The UnTitled rewrite by Feb-March
  • Joey (atlantics-) - finish writing and posting ONC entry “Pull Me Down”
  • Salem (salemkeating) - participate in ONC.
  • KGB (KGBuchanan) - participate in ONC.
  • Elizabeth (solorzanowriter) - Finish and revise A Royal Internship before the end of June.


Celebrate Achievments!

  • Saint Caliendo: Finished writing May-December.
  • CC Starfield: Rainbow Theory hit 50k reads!
  • Luli: A Celestial Requiem hit 10k reads! FEATURED!
  • Laila: 1st book of Nefarious series hit 1M reads!
  • Nab: The Ambassadors shared my poetry collection ‘Infinity’ and my ongoing story ‘From Me To You’ on Twitter :slight_smile:
  • Cal: Hungry Skies is promoted on the front page! Hit 10k! FEATURED!
  • Lea: “Look Back At It”, a poem from the collection Deja Vu, is placed third in the Poetry Dream Awards 2019 in the Love/Heartbreak category.
  • Elizabeth: Finished and submitted all of my ONC novellas :slight_smile:
  • Veronica: Finished HF story on a contract.


Sometimes members on this thread work together to participate in events.

ONC: Open Novella Contest.

I am participating in ONC and would like to take part in a cross-promotion campaign.

*Note this is for ACTIVE members of this thread. I am not interested in contacting/promoting people I don’t know or who are inactive.

Add your name to the drop-down list.


Things to provide to Saint via PM when your book goes up.

  • Twitter ad.
  • Story ad banner for in-chapter promotion.
  • Link to your book on Wattpad.

Ballroom Glitz: LGBT author bash.

Visit the thread for more information.



If you’d like to let others on the thread know a bit more about you, add a small bio to the drop down list.

TCT bios.
  • Saint Caliendo: I’m Saint, a writer of LGBT+ NA/A Romance, YA Comedy, Historical Fiction, and Urban/Low Fantasy/Paranormal stories.

  • Cal Black: Writer of inclusive & diverse fantasy, sci-fi, and horror stories. has trouble sticking to one genre. Genre masher.

  • L Jo King: author of LGBTQA+ satire in fantasy and science fiction, while slowly taking over all other genres.

  • Domi Sotto: I write for those dead tired from work, fantasy, sci fi, adventure, romance, both spice & nice.

  • C. M. Taylor: I’m Cee, writer of dark/epic fantasy novels with heavy romantic (usually LGBT+) subplots. She/her.

  • M.M. Willy: Writing folktale/mythology-inspired YA Fantasy Romance featuring all kinds of fluffy love and adorkable protagonists stuck in darkish worlds

  • CC Starfield: I’m CC, aka Starlord. I write mostly contemporary queer rom-coms and dramas for all age ranges.

  • Hlumelo: Writes African-inspired fantasy about epic queer witches, banter-filled polyamory, and half-mad gods… occasionally well.

  • Luli Xú: Writes mythology romance that typically features Asian protagonists.

  • Lesserknown1: Writes LGBTQ+ polyamorous romance tackling contemporary issues in an urban fantasy world.

  • Wren Arrior is a writer who enjoys exploring thought experiments through their writing and showing that the world isn’t as black and white as it appears.

  • Olivia Vaughn Writes mainly contemporary YA novels, almost always with an LGBTIQA+ protagonist.

  • L. D. Jones: Writes action heavy Fantasy & Science Fiction with lots of adventure, a hint of romance, and tons of diverse characters.

  • Bri (houseofmirrors) Writes NA Romances about woman overcoming the pasts that have been used to define them.

  • Indigo(sa): I write stuff in the Psych Thriller, Humor, and Romance genres. Making them dark or at the very least bittersweet is my thing.

  • KGBuchanan: I write YA fiction with LBTQ+ characters. I’ve dabbled in literary fiction, poetry and regency romance (of all things!) but queer teenagers own my heart right now :heart:

  • August (aka Smoke): Five years old inside and fond of writing diverse Fantasy set in worlds wildly different from our own.

  • Loutka: I’m a writer of mystery, thriller, horror, contemporary, and a few other niche genre who wishes to throw you into the life of my characters, and make you feel their pain; either in a good or bad way.

  • Lea (prosenpoetry): I’m Lea, and I mainly write poetry, so shout out to any poets out here! As for prose, I write Fanfiction and Romance Comedy (with a hint of Chick Lit) novellas and – one day novels.
  • Nab (Nablai): NA fiction, Poetry writer who experiments with diverse genre flash fiction stories whenever I get some time.

  • Tanya (EveryNextDream): I write dark and introspective fiction, much LGBTQ+, heavy on the crime and kink-tinted angst. Genres are contemporary, neo-noir and apparently sci-fi (but it was an accident).

  • Veronica (veronicapurcell3) I write niche stories featuring LGBTQ+ characters. I do a bit of freelance writing. I like writing historical fantasy, YA contemporary and romance with LGBTQ+ protagonists.

  • Liz (clizbethh): I write dark YA sci-fi and fantasy with long word counts and huge casts of characters.

  • Joey (atlantics-): I write mostly NA/YA and romance. I try to write stories that make you fall in love with the characters.

  • Joy (prosejoyce): writes science fiction, mystery and fantasy that almost always has a racially diverse and/or queer cast. My pronouns are she/they.

  • C.R. (MaskedParkers) YA and NA author who has a thing for writing sad, lonely protagonists, anti-heroes, and strong women.

You provided me much joy for my new wiki obsession.

But back on topic: @LailaLiliana
Do you have ant advice/any tips for Inkitt? How do their ideal profile set ups/covers etc. Differ in appeal from wattpad? (I haven’t checked out the site yet, but I’m assuming it has all this)


Inkitt is more reader centric. So think of it more in terms of amazon kindle. Covers should look more professional etc.

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See… the cover this is what gets me lol. People either love or hate my covers and I feel like I can get away with that here. I’ll have to think about my covers for Inkitt



New thread, more love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


Yes! I hope all the shy folk finally brave it out and join the thread.


Yasss! Join us! We dont bite often :grinning:


I bite all the time.


Okay well watch out for Spruce :joy: but I promise I just nibble… and like to talk about writing techniques… :slight_smile:


Yes. Watch for the goose.

(Geese have really weird teeth xD)

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That sucks… Do people tell you why they hate your covers?

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I dont do things with the trends haha. My UnTitled cover has gotten mixed feedback, because it imitates old cheesey swashbuckling romance covers- but it’s also epic fantasy. So people kind of expect something more stock photo esque… or, like “sad white girl posing infront of fantasy imagery with weapon” a lot of the time. (Also have people have gotten mad because the character on the front is a siren and isnt “barbie doll” attractive. But that’s a WHOLE other topic)


Hi :wave:

I wasn’t in the last thread. I never found the time to catch up :sweat_smile:

I’m Julia or Julz. Either works. She/ her please.

I write paranormal and fantasy with romantic subplots. My next project will be dystopian sci fi.

I’m planning to write a series in the next year and try my best for ONC.

Nice to meet you all!


Hello Julz! Welcome. :smiley: