The Chuck Taylors (A Writer Networking Space) #2

haha, I love this! :smiley: How are you getting on with this specific research? Any tips?

These sorts of things would be fascinating to research. I bet it’s a nice change of topic too from some of the other stuff you might research. Any time that I have questions about wellington boots, I know who to ask :wink:

That’s awesome that these opportunities and experiences were able to encourage you in a story you were writing. Sometimes having the chance to learn from people firsthand about a topic who have experienced these things for themselves can make so much difference in how you take in the information, and put it into place in your work. And you know that it is going to be based on more fact than you might find in some online sources.

Ooh, what’s it called? :eyes:


Rise of Empires: Ottoman

(Vlad is known for defending Wallachia from the Ottoman invasion and impaling his enemies. There are also rumors of him drinking the blood of his enemies.)

Vlad III Dracula, also known as Vlad the Imapler was the ruler of Wallachia, Romania.

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Yeah, at times it definitely does feel a bit mentally stressful and draining. There are some things it’s probably nice to be able to say you didn’t know, but the world can be a dark place :woman_shrugging: Fortunately I already had a bit of an understanding of the trafficking systems and impact it has due to some volunteering I’d done in Thailand, and a couple of my friends work with an organization over there. It’s still heartbreaking though to learn more about it and sometimes I have to take a step back from the research and the story.

Oh yes! Do you tend to keep any of your research notes, possibly to recycle for other projects or just as a point of reference should you ever need them again? Or do you find after you’ve finished the story that all those notes are just ingrained in your memory now?

Yes, I agree! Sometimes you just need that first-hand account.

Oh, I think I’ve actually seen this on Netflix on my homepage. I’ll have to add it to my list. Thank you!


I’ve had good feedback on my banter, so I think I’m doing OK, but it’s not something I want to get complacent about. You can’t write YA if your characters sound like Enid Blyton :joy:

Beyond reading loads of contemporary YA, I guess I just listen really carefully to what people are saying. Though I’m always aware that I don’t get as much exposure to difference ages and groups as I need. So reading has to plug the gap. I’ve even been known to learn the odd phrase on this forum. :slight_smile:


First things first: Wish you a happy and blessed birthday, Saint! :heart: :birthday:

I just completed research on juvenile drug trafficking, the kind of drugs used, the death sentences faced and on how to write a courtroom scene.

Next is torture scenes in a prison. And the horror faced there.

Yes, I do. A lot. I get to learn stuff I wouldn’t do otherwise. Gives my characters an edge too! lol.

Google, Quora. I take it from there, even searching the sub-links for more information. I research before starting the chapter so that it gives me an authentic base to build on :slight_smile:


Some of the new things become engrained, but I do keep my old research notes in a cloud! Especially does for fantasy and Historical fiction because they will be needed again and again.

Oh, interesting. Someone has a character in prison I see.

Quora is a good place to ask questions, I agree. Scrolling through other people’s questions and the answers they get is also useful.

Thank you!


I honestly consider myself undiscovered, despite slowly getting reads for my stories. I do wish that I had more, but for now, I’ll just enjoy what I have and keep networking on here.

I actually want to get to the point where I have 1K followers and can make my smaller stories into big ones.

The advantage of having a lot of readers makes responding to comments more interactive. The disadvantage is that I only have a select few who comment and vote on my book and while I’m happy about that and thankful for those readers, I wish more people would read my book. Hope I don’t sound selfish saying this.

With my canvass growing, I realize that I often don’t have much time to respond to comments buy when I do, I make sure to make them really count. :heart:


Oh, that’s a concrete number goal! Good luck!

Yep, I have 856 followers so far and I want to get to 10K reads for my first book. :blush:

Happy birthday by the way :partying_face:

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  • Procedural detective work, interesting places to hide a body/places to find a body, Amber alert stats from the reports over the years, and small important details about New Jersey (like their laws, etc.)

  • Honestly… yeah, it’s really fun learning about these things. I come across some interesting information and cases I wasn’t aware of this way. And I get intrigued. :eyes:

  • Most of the time I lose myself in Google, searching for valid sites with valuable, accurate information to use. Other times, if I know someone I know knows about something I need, I’ll ask them for information. Usually, it’s when I get up to that point of the process lol. Like if I’m coming up to a scene where I need to know how a certain procedure is done because I don’t know, I’ll start doing a bit of research.


Everyone’s here with super big and sweet research subjects and I’m here like… Not really doing a lot of big research. I have done it before, but it’s been a while, and I think the last “bigger” thing I looked up is cases of dogs murdering their owners and how/why, kinda diving into dog psychology (and a refresher on behaviorism) in the meantime.

I do! But I have a hard time both staying focused and remembering it afterwards, so I always have to go back to take an extra look every time I’m gonna write anything about any subject to be sure! ^^’

For the simpler stuff I usually use google and try to find what looks like reliable sources, and for subjects I feel like I want to know a little more about I usually find stuff on youtube or ask around in areas where people might know.


Yaaaassss! You can do it!

Also, I thought it’d be the Fantasy set in another world that would push me over my maximum - but it was the contemp. romance :joy:

See, that’s really good though. Mine just end :joy: So it’s very in medias res all of it.



I did it before I started on Wattpad too. It’s just my style, I think. It came when I started writing in English.


I’m researching FIRST robotics and very smart and STEM focused teenagers.

Always. Usually it involves a lot more nonfiction reading than this project. And I find out WAY more than I need to know.

I can tell you all about how bipolar was treated in Regency England, for instance. (Obviously a very different project.)

Usually I do a lot of nonfiction and some fiction reading. But in this case I’m drawing on my own experiences as a teacher, on reading some trad pub teen fiction, and enlisting my teen child as a sensitivity reader, so to speak.


Sometimes. I find that music gets me more in the mood for writing a chapter than when I’m not listening to it.

Classical, jazz, R & B, etc.

Definitely! I usually listen to soundtracks from my favorite movies to get inspiration for the next chapter of my book.

Soundtracks from Frozen 2, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Into the Spiderverse just to name a few. :sweat_smile::joy:


Thank you.


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Oh, that’s interesting!

Yes, something about researching on the internet is separating bad information from good ones, but a good way to figure that out is to check their sources and see WHO has written whatever is up.

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Oh my… this is intresting.

Youtube is a great resource as well. I like a few history and fashion-based youtube channels.

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Hahahahaha. The thing about contemporaries is that you can’t bullshit information and hope everyone buys it, so yeah, it’s more extensive to research in some senses.

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I’m not currently researching anything because I’m on book two of a trilogy and the guts of the research happened before I started writing book one. I usually end up diving down a few rabbit holes while I’m writing though, because there are always a few “Ooh, I wonder if…” moments.

YES! It’s one of my favourite things about writing because I get to learn all this totally amazing stuff that I would probably never encounter otherwise. I love immersing myself in new worlds and absorbing all the things.

Also, the effect it has on the ads I see never fails to amuse me. Why yes, Google, I am interested in discreet personal security devices, sustainable vertical farming methods and visionary buildings.

BTW if anyone ever gets their hand nailed to their leg with a nailgun (surprisingly hard to do, but entirely possible) and wants to know the safest process for taking the whole thing apart, hit me up.

Internet rabbit holes FTW! When it comes to sources, it really depends on what I’m researching, whether I’m on the hunt for peer-reviewed science, personal experiences, something in between, or all of the above. Also, picking the brains of people who are knowledgeable about the thing I’m researching is super helpful, when it’s an option.

I do the bulk of my research during or just after outlining, definitely before I start writing. Depending on the subject, research can influence the story in a way where it’s helpful to have the information during outlining so I don’t have to go back and change a huge, important thing later in a way that messes up all my plans.


Yes! I feel like my brain becomes a sponge when I’m outlining and collecting research notes. It’s lovely to learn new things in preparation to jump into a new story.

Yes! Sometimes the whole concept for my stories change completely when I come out on the other end of the rabbit hole.