The Chuck Taylors (A Writer Networking Space)

Welcome to The Chuck Taylors, a writer’s networking space.This is a space to trade and share information. It doesn’t matter where you are on your writing journey, we’re all here to support and help each other grow. Topics usually concern but are not limited to the following:

  • Self, Indie, and Traditional Publishing.
  • Networking.
  • Querying.
  • Taking/signing contracts.
  • Building an audience.
  • Serialising and content monetization.
  • Adaptations.

Don’t be afraid to hop in! It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your writing journey.

Introduce yourself

  1. Name/Nickname
  2. Preferred pronouns
  3. Genres you write
  4. Where you plan to take your writing journey.

Also, take a look at the #3 post to check the topic for the day if you’d like to jump-start a conversation.

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On Writing

Serialized Fiction

Thoughts on Writing Serials.

Writing Guides

KR’s Punk Rock Novel Planning Workbook.
Cal’s Novel Planner.—Writing.
Links and Resources for Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers.
Writing With Color.
Reference For Writers.
Janice Hardy’s Revision Workshop.
Books on Writing.
Novel Writing Bootcamp: a ten part guide + book on novel writing.

World Building Help

N.K. Jemisin’s master class in world building | The Ezra Klein Show.
GROWING YOUR ICEBERG: Crafting a Secondary World That Feels Ancient in 60 Minutes (or less) By N. K. Jemisin.

Pep talk

Sometimes It’s Okay To Quit Writing The Thing You’re Writing.
The Story About The Story: Or, How Writers Talk About Their Books.

On Querying

Writing A Query Letter

How To Write Query Letters.—Querying.
Manuscript Wishlist Compilation From Agents.


Self-Rejection: What It Is, Why You Do It, And How To Eject Its Ass Out The Airlock.

On Marketing/Branding

Book Covers

Book cover clichés: why using them will actually help you sell more books.
5 Guidelines Can Help Your Book Cover Design Pass The 7-Second Test.
Book Cover Design Mastery.

Creating Promotional Graphics

The 3D Book Mockup Creator You’ll Love To Use.
Inkarnate - Create Fantasy Maps Online.
Diverse Stock Photos

Branding Help

Brand Stylesheet.—Branding.
MixtusMedia Tips.

On Editing/Revision

Well-storied Editing Help.
Critique Circle.
Eight Awesome Steps To Revising Your Novel.
Self-Editing Checklist.

On Organization


Free Twitter Post Scheduling Tools.
Social Media Planner, by Jandra Sutton.

Keeping Track Of Goals And Creating Check Lists

Trello (for check lists and bulletin Broads.)
Mindmeister (for check lists and bulletin boards.)
Online Writing Log (keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly word count.)

On Adaptations


Comic Creator Resources.
Team Up With An Artist.



Under construction.


Traditional Publishing
Indie Publishing
Hybrid Publishing
Self Publishing
Web Serialization

Wattpad Related

Wattpad Guides For the Newbie, Or Just Those Looking For New Tips

The Big Thread On How To Get Reads
Prisimpad: A Guide to Wattpad, Writing, and Whatever.
Wattpad Writer Resources.

Social Media

Twitter Lists To Get You Started

ThatCalamity: Writing (Stocked with people in publishing to follow.)
A list of Wattpad writers to follow by Saint Caliendo.
Ask Fm/Curious Cat

Writing Advice

Books And Articles

How To Kill Your Writer’s Block With Tarot Cards.
WRITING HELP: How To Show, Not Tell.
10 Traps To Avoid As A New Author.
Writer’s Treasure Chest (A Comprehensive Guide From Idea to Bookshelf.)

YouTube Channels

Hello Future Me.
Alexa Donne



Other Writing Platfroms


Staying Organised

Update Schedules
Social Media Post Schedules
Book Launch Schedule

Work Adaptation

Novel to Comic
Novel to Audio Book
Novel to Game
Novel to Media Story
Novel to Text Story
Novel to Play



Everyday there’s a new topic. Check this post to keep track of the conversation, or look at the schedule for the coming week.

Conversation Schedule, (Dec 9th - Dec 15th.)

DEC 09TH - Starting in a New Genre.
DEC 10TH - The making of a protagonist: Main Character construction.
DEC 11TH - Formatting cues, and how to use them to convey emotion.
DEC 12TH - “So your first draft sucked”: how to take criticism from one project and apply it to another project.
DEC 13TH - Character Arc Construction.
DEC 14TH - How to make dynamic relationships – Romantic edition.
DEC 15TH - How to make dynamic relationships – Platonic edition.



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  • Name/Nickname - Cal, Calamity
  • Preferred pronouns - She/Her
  • Genres you write - Fantasy, SciFi, Horror, slipstream, thriller
  • Where you plan to take your writing journey. - published, hopefully trad one day. Pipe dream of no longer working in the place I do now.



Wait so this wasn’t about Converse??

  • Name/Nickname - Rose/Rosemary/whatever (cough not my actual name anyway)
  • Preferred pronouns - She/Her
  • Genres you write - Spec fic, mystery/thriller. Diverse settings, often historical/historical-inspired. Unreliable narrators. Sprinklings of romance, mileage varies.
  • Where you plan to take your writing journey. - Maybe monetization. Mostly to continue getting better at writing and keep entertaining myself

Hello folks

  • Name/Nickname

  • Preferred pronouns

  • Genres you write
    Primarily Dark Fantasy - but with a lot of action, adventure and romance in there! All NA, all super queer, almost all super OwnVoice.

  • Where you plan to take your writing journey.
    This is an exceptionally good question. Right now I’m just focusing on capitalising on different platforms. Trad. pubbing has always been a dream but I’m not so sure anymore. Self-pub is also an option. At the moment I’m just focusing on platforms.

Can’t wait to get this going! :muscle:


this is a big mood tbh.

  1. Name/Nickname: Saint.
  2. Preferred pronouns: She/her.
  3. Genres you write: NA Romance and Low Fantasy Novels. My current two projects are Urban Wolf (Urban Fantasy set in Toronto with college-aged kids), and Aristocrat (1500s Scotland, pre reformation politics and a romance in the middle of it all.)
  4. Where you plan to take your writing journey: Right now I’m focusing on serializing fiction, and monetizing my work that way. Eventually I hope to step into Indie/self publishing.

Right? I was sure there only was trad. before but there’s just so many avenues now and I’m not sure trad. is the best one for me???


Wait, replied that to you by mistake, lol. @absterstheninja

aw yiss.

  • Name

  • Preferred pronouns

  • Genres you write
    OwnVoices African fantasy with a double shot of queerspresso.

  • Where you plan to take your writing journey.
    In the long term, to a full-time author career. In the medium, building a strong author platform with multiple income streams. In the short term and just always in general, working on my craft until something breaks.

  • Name/Nickname - Pat, Patricia, Patsy

  • Preferred pronouns - She/Her

  • Genres You Write - Fantasy, Historical Fiction

  • Where you plan to take your writing journey - I plan to take my writing journey as a fantasy/historical author.


Ope. it’s all good :joy:

Same, but I’m getting a headache from how much work it is. :joy: I need to get better at allocating my time and energy.


If you want to get added to the tag list feel free to tag me. I wish there was a way to let everyone edit the threads.


this is why I’m sticking to one for the time being. (for now.)

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