The Colosseum (Writing game)

No offense, but aren’t you guys tired on the usual games this forum has; mainly consisting of who writes the most or what would your character do?

So here I present The Colesseum. Here, you would present a character to fight in the trials; as soon as we have our competitors (You’re welcome to judge as well of course) they shall battle it out until we have a Champion.


How it works

-A total of 8 people could join in 1 event, a maximum of 3 judges. People would be given events and conditions specific to their character. Afterwards, judges would critique their work and pick a winner, they advance until and so on until only one remains. Finals would be much harder with more conditions and challenging topics for your character.
-Don’t forget to give a short synopsis of your character, so the judges could tailor events for you. Obviously, you’re going to write about that character and the subject/conditions the judges want fufilled.

The Rules

-Everyone must present their characters before the event starts, no interrupting players and no late-comers, no stragglers. Once the Colosseum doors are closed, it stays closed.
-No exceptions, once you’re given a task you have to finish it. What fun is a game if everyone just gave up midway through (Treat this as a challenge to your writing.)
-Judges words are LAW. Of course, other judges can argue with each other, but if a judge decrees that you in any way lost, you’re done. (Judges, don’t let the power get to your head, please.)
-You can ask us for additional rules for ex. “Am I allowed more than one character?” “Can I use an excerpt from my story?” “Does it have to be a naked man again?”

Now, guys, I expect fair play, a community won’t grow if it’s rotten inside.

I’m willing to judge and give critiques to your work, let’s all have fun and improve our writing with this game :slight_smile:

@MinxDarker @silverdream88 @pinklockett @mandalasky Sad, I just got 4 people

I know,I’m sad

I told you I’d be here asap

How do I get this started if no one replies hahaha

Thanks, you’re pretty reliable.

Participant or judge?

I can do any

But what do you prefer.

I’ll judge as well

Jude for him. Okay, now we just need at least 2 people to battle it out.

Hmm, judge then

Okay, I’ll be a participant then.

Just give me, and the other person, the subject, and conditions of what we have to write. After seeing the characters we’re going to present okay.

Interesting. I’ll participate !

You were 40 mins too late hahaha.

I’ll put in the event time later, hopefully people would participate by then


Hey, can I join? I’ll be a participant. And my writing sucks, so this’ll be good practice, I guess.

Everyone is allowed, I would even beg you to join hahahaha