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The value of community profiles is unmissable on Wattpad. The aim of this user-run initiative is to grow your community profile with a bigger support structure and thus gain it more exposure.

This offers each profile an opportunity to reach a wider audience and to collaborate on various engagement initiatives.

The Community Hub is made especially for the community, with two main goals in mind;

  1. We want to boost community profiles.
  2. We want to provide the community with a resource to find the best and most recommended community profiles.

To find out more please refer to our Guidebook. To see the profiles that form part of the Hub please check out the ‘Community Hub’ to see what they have to offer.

We’re currently looking for new profiles to join the initiative - if you’re part of a group profile (or know of a group profile) which would be interested, please fill out this form:

If you’re not interested in joining the initiative, but would like your profile to be included in the Directory of Community Profiles in this thread and on Wattpad, please fill out the short form below, and either drop it in this thread, or private message it to us via Wattpad:

Group Profile Username:
What is your profile about?

More information can be found on the CommunityHub profile.

Thank you!


What is a community profile?

It’s a profile run and managed by regular folk that hosts various engaging activities. These community profiles may vary from book clubs, awards, graphics services, reviews, beta-readers, creative writing, e-zines, anthologies…pretty much whatever.

What can this initiative offer your profile?

Our primary focus is to help promote community profiles, and bring these profiles together. We’ll share advice on routes to promote your profile/ profile activities, opportunities to interact with other Wattpad community profiles, and share ideas/ organise collabs between profiles.

Who is managing this initiative?

Currently @Azanthiel @matzeztam and @skidzipop1 are managing this initiative. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us and we’ll do our best to help!

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Current initiative members

TalesOfTheSlayer And the men took the girl to slay demons. They chained her to the Earth. Filled her with Dark. Welcome to the profile for all-things Slayer, where we celebrate the Slayer and the wider Buffyverse. Though we are a small profile, we are mighty! Join us, and you’ll soon discover we’ve got all sorts in store.


The_Dead_Room Our profile is dedicated to all the fans of The Walking Dead. Are you an avid The Walking Dead FanFiction reader? Or are you a passionate The Walking Dead FanFiction writer? Then this profile is the right place for you! We’ve got something up our sleeve for everybody.


youngadultreads The coziest community of Young Adult readers and writers. Come visit the best place in town for all your YA needs! With QOTWs, interviews, and writing contests, YAR will be your favorite spot on Wattpad.

Directory of Community Profiles

DreamlandCommunity - for the dreamers
FANTASCI - for all lovers of fantasy & science-fiction
NewlyWrittenBooks - for all the amazingly talented new writers.
POW_Comics - for people interested in comics & manga
Rebel_Town - for the rebel-hearted and slayers of words.
Rising-Up - for encouraging undiscovered writers to keep writing.
TalesOfTheSlayer for all-things Slayer
TheFaeFolk - for fantasy authors, readers and designers
The_Dead_Room - for fans of The Walking Dead
youngadultreads - for Young Adult readers and writers

Have any questions? Ask away!

Hi, I run a community on here that has two accounts, one for the writing community side of it (@shutupandwriteclub) and one for our book club, magazine and contest side, (@shutupandreadbc) can I enter both or just one?

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Hi! If they’re separate accounts, you’re welcome enter both :blush:

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Group Profile Username: @Rising-Up
What is your profile about?: Our profile is a campaign to honor and encourage undiscovered writers to keep writing.


Thank you. I’ll enter my second one now

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It says I can only fill it in once

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@Rising-Up Thanks for filling out the form! Will add you to the directory :heart:

@JABrownOfficial Sorry about that! Just had a go at editing the form - does it work now?

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Yes it works now. Shut Up and Read BC has been signed up now as well

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Awesome, thanks! We’ll get back to you as soon as we’re able :heart:

That’s great. We’re a well established group that’s almost in its 5th year. I hope you like what you see.

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The @newlywrittenbooks would love to be a part and join the initiative :slight_smile: Can you please tag us in the Directory of Community profiles, Holly @Azanthiel :slight_smile:

@Azanthiel @NewlyWrittenBooks had applied to join the Community Hub initiative and I’m afraid there’s no reply/response as yet, Holly :slight_smile:
I’m aware you are very busy, but it’s been two months… Filled it again :slight_smile:

Hey @Nablai
Please look into the inbox of your community profile.

Thank you

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Thanks :slight_smile:

@CommunityHub You had mentioned about a next time in your PM. Can I ask when will the applications open for the next intake? I’m genuinely interested in getting my profile @newlywrittenbooks included in your initiative :slight_smile:

Any feedback for improvement? :slight_smile:

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Hi there :slight_smile:

Profiles which are unsuccessful at this point in time are welcome to reapply three months after their previous application.

Thank you for your interest,
CommunityHub Admins

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