The Curly Quotes Revolution



Before I go to my question, yes, there is going to be a poll. It has to deal with the title, a dearly missed punctuation friend of ours. Whenever I’m on Wattpad reading, instead of writing my novel, I’ve seen so many books with curly quotations. It’s quite unfortunate that you can’t really achieve them when you place in the alt code. It reverts back to the straight quotes, and personally, I think the stories look much better with curly quotes.

So, I’ve been wondering something. On the poll, I want you to vote either yes or no to this question:

Do you think writers should be able to use curly and straight quotation marks?

  • Yes.
  • No.

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you should be able to use whatever quotation marks you want to
why is this a problem

  • me 2K18


I wish it wasn’t.


Seriously, it’s like, just a freaking quotation mark! #curlyquotes #freethecurlyquotes


I voted “no” because while curly quotes do look fancy, seeing them used too much can be an eyesore.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Now… if the curly quote mark isn’t as exaggerated as the above, that should be fine.


Yeah, that can be a bit annoying. But we should be allowed to use whatever quotes we want.
(Although if it gets to the point where control over what font you use is so powerful that people can write their novels in Wingdings imma start protesting that.)


I mean… technically… nothing’s stopping you from using those huge quote marks.

❝ and ❞ are the ones used. Just copy/paste them and use them wherever.

There’s even more varieties in the link below (and other sites I’m sure)!

The screenshot I shared in my post came from a story on Wattpad. :man_shrugging:

On the app, I know the reader can pick the font they want to read in, which I really like.


❝these are kinda pretty and aesthetic❞
-me 2k18


Yeah, the heavy double turned comma quotation marks should be used for aesthetics only. Seeing them used too much is definitely an eyesore. The regular curly quotes, though, are good. They aren’t as exaggerated as the heavy double.


Lowkey tempted to test regular curly quote marks to see if they work now.

After all… there was a pair to copy/paste from the site I linked. :thinking:


SO… I did it.

Writing page thing:


Actual preview page:


And if I go back to the writing page now, my curly quote marks are gone. :confounded:

It’s weird how the huge curly quotes can stay but the thin/normal ones can’t.


The same thing happened with mine. :sweat:


big r.i.p.