The days when transformers was marvel


Anyone remembers that Transformers was once Marvel owned? Man it would have been so awesome if we could have the avengers and x-men crossover with the transformers of lore…


tell me about it, I would’ve actually been very excited to see Optimus Prime vs Thanos


It had a Spider-Man guest starring (back when he was wearing the symbiote costume but was unaware it was a symbiote).




Your profile picture looks like Mao Zedong


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I disagree. And, please, don’t mention it again.


I will cease to do so after this comment, but I should say that it isn’t the actual face, it’s just that the way it’s cropped makes the hair resemble his, so if this bothers you, you can just re-crop the photo and it will look completely different


How’s this even related to transformers/marvel? Don’t be such a starscream


:thinking: interesting


Is that the guy who worked for the other guy but later it turned out that he didn’t work for the other guy and betrayed him

What exactly did marvel do with the transformer IP? Make comics? Run a show?


Yeah there’s a whole line of transformers comics it still runs I believe. And Generation 1 was also marvel owned I think (animated series).


Starscream is always flipping and is just a nuisance to decepticons (since he wants to kill megatron to be their leader) and the few times he ends up being leader he does an even worse job of it.


Yeah and I am pretty sure prime could have dug up some artifacts worth challenging the infinity stones like the star saber and stuff


Ya I wish!