The End of RWA?

For any romance writers, what are your thoughts on the RWA debacle?

Do you think canceling the romance awards for 2020 was a wise decision? Do you think they can come back from this messy situation?

They had a chance to come back, but then they repeatedly slammed nails into their coffin. I think the association is dead. Something better has to be made in its wake.


And they’re trying. It’s called The Romance Alliance. Very diverse group founding it. They’re drafting by-laws now.


Oh really? Yay! That sounds great.

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I saw a vague tweet by Cat Rambo about doing work that being head of SFWA essentially trained her for. I wonder if she’s involved…

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It’ll be interesting to see what does end up happening and who’s involved.


I watched it start back in August when I had no idea it was starting (no idea that Suzan Tisdale was going to make a complaint to RWA).

I don’t think it can be saved and it shouldn’t be saved. And I hope all the toxic voices left behind and hanging on to RWA don’t join the new Romance Alliance.

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I agree. There’s definitely no room for the toxicity that seemed to be in RWA. My hope is this romance alliance won’t be anything like RWA.

But there seems to be a lot of toxicity in the writing community. Not necessarily here, but other writing forums are very cliquey and mean to anyone who isn’t an expert or dedicated their entire lives to just writing.

Maybe this change will help change a lot of things.


Good point. The writingcommunity on Twitter is lovely, and Goodreads also seems to work. But especially the critique circles are sometimes toxic. The constructive, supportive writers seem to drift towards Wattpad. Good!

I’m already hearing of problems in Romance Alliance. I think I’m going to hang back and see how this all plays out before I think of joining any group.

And sadly, I was about to join RWA before all this you-know-what hit the fan.

My publisher is a romance house and it’s sad seeing how this is affecting everyone there.

I’m also hanging back with everything. It’s just too risky right now

How IS it affecting them? What are the repercussions within the house?