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I will finish the thread later but first I’ll share this



This is a remake of our old sharing thread but it’s still unfinished xD

I mean I had one of these too we could have used xD

@Crimson_Scythe Okay so SOME of Zula’s tricks are bad but Mal’s killing techniques are friggin HORRIBLE!

Impact Distribution: Whenever Mal takes a hit he can rapidly flex and loosen his muscles in the immediate area to all but nullify the physical impact.

Dust Strike: Whenever Mal strikes something he can once again rapidly flex his muscles in the limb he’s using to strike to deliver a second strike. The second strike comes at such a fast velocity however that when it strikes a solid object like a rock it is immediately reduced to the finest dust to have ever been seen. This can be done to bones though since the impact is traveling through skin and blood even in thin layers, they’re dulling the impact enough so that the bones will be shattered rather than turned to dust, thus resulting in hundreds to thousands of bone shards in your body. The harder the object the more violent the second strike will hit.

Brain Fist: All around the head there are very small spots which when struck can result in the absolute loss of brain functions such as sight, hearing, smell, and even other functions such as movement. The way these strikes work is they stun the part of the brain that controls that. For instance if he strikes you in the forehead Mal can rob you of your sight for an indefinite amount of time, and only a force of absolute equal force in the exact opposite side of the head will reverse the effects.

Body Flow: With this Mal can move his entire body around in such a way that all of his movements are distorted with motion blur as well as projecting multiple versions of himself. This in a sense can be used to telegraph what Mal is about to do because this can show exactly what he’s going to do next, but it’s never guaranteed. This is a martial art centered all around the distortion of light and space making light refract in such a way that it can appear like he has eight arms. However in order to maintain the illusion he must stay in constant movement.

Liquid Palm: Based on an old story of a monk training a boy by having him slap water over and over again. With this ability Mal is able to strike in such a fashion that only liquids are effected. For instance he can throw a huge palm thrust at a glass of water and the glass will not move, however the force will be directed at the water which will explode out the back of the glass. As you can imagine if Mal were to strike a person like this they would never feel it but all of their blood would be immediately evacuated from their body in an instant. (can only be done by an open palm thrust)

Force Breath: With this attack Mal merely needs to take a deep breath and he is able to treat an energy based mass as though it were a physical object. An example of this would be Mal being able to plunge his hand into a bonfire and when he takes his hand out, in his palm will be a ball of “physical fire.” It will have mass and weight to it which Mal can do basically whatever he wishes with it.

Flowing Stream: Mal is such a master of his Body Flow he can literally let something like an energy blast for example enter his body and be channeling his movement can redirect it back out of his fingertips or through a strike of his choosing. Think of lighting redirection from Avatar: The Last Airbender only it’s not limited to just lightning. Mal can do this with anything that requires energy flow in order to work. This technique is considered the ultimate defense against Power based attacks as they will never be able to cause the user of this technique harm.

No Second Strike, the Unforgiven Blow: The ultimate martial arts strike technique within Mal’s arsenal. No Second Strike is a single strike aimed directly at the center of the chest of an opponent. Once done the impact will travel throughout their bodies literally forcing every single one of their blood vessels to explode. However that’s not all this ability does, as it also targets the victims Power Source. The best way to put this is think of it as an attack on the victim’s spirit/soul/magic whatever it is they use to conjure up their abilities. Those will be physically manifested behind the victim as an astral body and their power source will detonate within their astral body much the same as the physical body’s blood vessels did. Think of this as Mal outright removing the target’s ability to harness their powers by forcing them to destroy themselves with this one strike thus not allowing them the ability to attempt to heal themselves with their abilities. Not only that, but since Mal forced their astral body to destroy itself they will not have an opportunity to enter their afterlife as their soul has literally destroyed itself, they will merely die and fade from existence with no hope for an afterlife or reincarnation. Labeled by Mal himself as the unforgivable strike.

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@Sandcat This is is. As you can see I’m kinda the only one here though lol

All right!

@Crimson_Scythe Okay after literally like 2 weeks of this I finally finished up a fairly canon Lumbra aka the priest of the Sun, Moon, and Stars.

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Finally fully read the abilities and daaaang some of these are scary o-O If you include all of them on the round where Mal submitted, we’ll have hard time on what to do with these

Also yep now I kinda can see some similarity between Feishun and Mal xD

Annnnd new stuff to read for later okay xD

I glimpse through the form at least and he looks interesting :3

Lol I think most of them were manageable though. Maybe Brain Fist was too much and Dust Strike, DEFINITELY No Second Strike but all the others I think would’ve been easier.

Lumbra is the first one I’m showing (I think) that’s literally using a Celestials power :3

I mean, they’re individually manageable, but Mal is already hella stronk in there xD

Ohhh looking forward to read his form later :3

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Even No Second Strike :open_mouth: lol

He’s not using them to their fullest I make it very clear he can’t do that lol.

By means “individually manageable” are still with nerf xD

Okay I’ll see when I check it later :3

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I’m focusing on scenes with Sothyrion in my most recent edits. I found that he frequently refers to “sky above” in his speech. Maybe he’s confirming Crim’s theorizing. I don’t know yet. His dialogue seems to write itself.

Is this where we can share our unused character forms?

Oh my god, yes! I’m excited for a potential expansion of Iron God’s lore!

@TheBiologist13 Yep it’s where we can share and discuss our characters and stories :3

(Mainly because the chat thread is usually for random stuff such as memes)