Goodbye XD


how are you


starts flinging bricks super hard at the top of the wall piece and fails at getting them on top and they end up flying past or hitting the piece and flying in random directions o_o


Hi silver


I’m back! :blush:


And no one is here to see my grand re-entrance. Alas.


I won’t be as active on The Food Court anymore. I’ll probably only be here on the weekends.


Hellooooooo? No one? Oh well.




Welcome back moon


Why? :unamused:


I’m sensing that someone’s birthday is soon!


Probably exams like most of us Americans


Read an article, and I actually want to be one of lucid dreamers. I rarely remember dreams, I would love to face my fears, and search my dream world! This explains your brilliantness and awesomeness not just bc you’re a lucid dreamer ofc. I don’t see it as a condition or disability. I see it as a gift. I realized that too with me being deaf, it took bunch of wrong turns for me to see it. There is no such thing as these conditions. They’re challenges to fulfill the obstacles. Keep on doing these good things! I’m always here El!


Oof. Is it desty’s Birthday coming up?


What kind of comedy will you read?

  • Should have a plot/storyline
  • Doesn’t matter

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Edit : Don’t consider my response, I am still confused, that’s why I created the poll. My response came up accidetly



A fucking Auto rickshaw almost crushed my leg and took away my hand


Finally, you brought back some activity to the thread