The Food Court 8


Honestly, relationships have always gone so bad for me, so when people ask me about them I always say relationships are the devil


wow, maybe you’ve just been dating devils…


Silver it has been long time since I talked to you last


Honestly I am just fine being on my own. I don’t want to be chained down my those priorities, if that makes sense?


I get that, and it’s good to be by yourself, I think we’re sort of pressured into finding someone to spend the rest of our lives with when you don’t really need that even though the frickity frack is real fun


When it comes to the physical stuff, i would rather dip myself in lava




That is literally me when I get up at 3 in the morning XD


really? Are you asexual or just a preference?


Preference. I am Pansexual


lmaoo same i be super groggy too man, it takes me forever to process where i am and what im doing


Sameeeeeeeeeeee I wake up and Im like “Why am i here?” XD


cool beans, how old are you? (like are you a minor?)


lmaoo. im on club penguin right now, i got a black puffle and he keeps taking baths every two seconds because i bought him a bath machine


wtf i swear club penguin died


Yes I am a minor, but I will be 18 in about a year


its back up again now, club penguin rewritten, everyone is a member so u pretty much get to do whatever u want




wasn’t there a shit ton of stuff you couldn’t do before?


omg why didn’t i know this