The Food Court 8


yeah but now u can buy clothing and have a rainbow of puffles. i’d prefer to just keep my one grumpy puffle though


don’t worry, u can make up for it by making an account now and adopting puffles provided that u earn the coins from playing games of course


Why are the grumpiest things always better? Take grumpy cat for example


aw but you can’t log in as your old penguin, I never lost my password and have had my penguin for literally a decade


yeah, my wittle puffle is a cute lil grump. he loves his baths




i know, same here. i had a red puffle and a blue puffle on my old one and a lot of old stuff that i had collected over the years. i was so sad that i couldn’t go on it






Ooooh clup penguin!


club penguin the best game in the world


he a lil grump




as u can tell, i have the dance floor in my igloo


Yeah, I used to like it a lot, then it became ‘pay to play’


does anyone have discord?


Noooooo, i totally couldn’t tell XD


lmaoo, did u ever have a puffle on club penguin?


I do


i do? did u mean the discord thing?