The Food Court 8


Yep. Not on it much though.

Oh, and, everyone, I’m bahja. I’m an old member who went afk


Nope, we are married XD
Yes i was talking about the discord thing


Well it is wonderful to meet you Bahja


Great meeting you too ^^


oooh i just got it and i’ve been wanting more internet friends to talk to off an online site but i dnt want to add ppl on my snap so i figured discord would be a good idea


Discord is a very good choice. Its different and its easy to use


yeah. my discord username is papisnickle and my tag is 7589


Would you mind if I added you? Mine is Silver and my tag is 0363


nah i dont mind


alrighty^^ I sent you a request


ok i accepted




my internet is so slow, its crapping itself whenever i try replying on here lol i should close out club penguin


XD internet where I am at is not the best either


smh, im about to get in a fist fight with my internet


I already threatened to kill mine


lmfaoo same tho tbh


Tbh I really think that they need to update everything when it comes to the internet. Even the supposed fast stuff tends to be slow


ey i wanna write a story here on wattpad, genre teen fiction, whether or not it involves supernatural freaky stuff, we’ll see. but i need some ideas. its not gonna be anything too serious, i just needs something to prompt me as i wanna practice my writing


true. im at my sister’s right now and the internet came free with the apartment but we share it with other tenants